• ☀️ “My Perfect Summer Day” Sketchbook Page Tutorial

    This “My Perfect Summer Day” sketchbook page tutorial will show you how to translate your ideal day into a pleasing artistic spread!

    ☀️ "My Perfect Summer Day" Sketchbook Page Tutorial

    A successful sketchbook page demands to be looked at, which is why I love this “Perfect Summer Day” concept! You can’t help but study all of its little rectangles. Like the “Coronavirus Quarantine” page, this spread records a special point in time. In a decade, you’ll observe your own “Perfect Summer Day” page, and you’ll be reminded of where you were at this point in your life. Here’s how to make one:

    1. Make a List

    First, write down a list of the ten events or activities that would happen in your ideal summer day. (Meals are great inclusions! What do you prefer to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this season of your life?)

    "My perfect day" list
    These are the ten things I’d love to do on my perfect summer day!

    2. Draw 10 Squares/Rectangles in Your Sketchbook

    Next, use a ruler and a pencil to draw ten squares and rectangles. Begin by drawing three squares at the top, then draw two horizontal rectangles in the middle left. Make two vertical rectangles on the middle right, then finish up by drawing a long horizontal rectangle, a small vertical rectangle, and a square at the bottom.

    Drawing Squares in My Sketchbook

    Once you draw your pencil draft, you can trace over it with Ziller ink (which is waterproof) and a Nikko G nib in a straight pen.

    3. Make a Pencil Draft

    Now, use a pencil to fill up each square with illustrations and lettering that depict your perfect summer day. If you included meals in your day, put them at the top!

    Making a Pencil Draft

    Continue to draw until you’ve filled up the sketchbook page.

    Making a Pencil Draft
    Your draft doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed. You’ll bring your illustrations to life with ink and watercolor!

    4. Add Ink to Your Sketchbook Page

    Next, use your straight pen (with that Nikko G nib) and waterproof ink to trace over your illustrations. If you want, you can save any calligraphy on the sketchbook page for a more flexible nib. (I prefer to write calligraphy with a Brause EF66 nib.)

    Ink on the "perfect summer day" sketchbook page

    Finish up by tracing over your calligraphy with your favorite pen and nib combination.

    Ink on the "perfect summer day" sketchbook page
    I used a Brause EF66 nib and an oblique pen to write the calligraphy on this sketchbook page. I prefer this pen/nib combination for writing calligraphy!

    5. Add Watercolor to Your Sketchbook Page

    Now, use your favorite watercolor palette to bring the illustrations to life! If you’re intimidated by watercolors, colored pencils or crayons also work well.

    Adding watercolor to a sketchbook page
    I used a Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor set to add color to this sketchbook page.

    Continue to add paint to the page, filling in all of your illustrations with rich, lovely colors.

    Adding watercolor to a sketchbook page

    Then, finish up by filling up every square with a summery background color.

    ☀️ "My Perfect Summer Day" Sketchbook Page Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    Don’t forget to write down the date that you created this sketchbook page!

    And now? It’s time to go enjoy the kind of day that you just envisioned.

    ☀️ "My Perfect Summer Day" Sketchbook Page Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

    Happy creating, and I’m wishing you the perfect summer weekend! May it involve wonderful food, spending time with people you enjoy, and doing something satisfying and creative.


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