• 8 Incredibly Inspiring Calligraphy Works

    In this article, I’d like to share some inspiring calligraphy that makes me want to pick up my dip pen right this instant!

    Schin Loong's Flourished Swan Envelope Tutorial
    Photo courtesy of Schin Loong

    I’m always on the hunt for inspiring calligraphy, and today I want to share some of the pieces that have sparked my creativity over the years! As a disclaimer, there have to be hundreds of talented calligraphers out there that haven’t come across my radar yet. If you know of an artist whose inspiring calligraphy work deserves a shout-out, let me (and others) know in the comments!

    1. Rubana Gaspar’s Luxurious Wedding Paper Goods

    Just looking at Rubana Gaspar’s creations makes me feel elegant. Her slightly playful, highly embellished pieces are sought after for exclusive events, and it’s easy to see why. Rubana seems to have a particular affinity for the Finetec Golds palette, one of my favorite supplies ever, so it’s no wonder that I love her work!

    Rubana Gaspar Calligraphy
    Photo courtesy of Rubana Gaspar

    2. Phyllis Macaluso’s Sensational Envelopes

    I’ll never forget the day I found Phyllis on Instagram six years ago. I was battling a creative slump, and then, all of a sudden, stunning envelopes popped up on my screen. I couldn’t — and still can’t — get enough of Phyllis’ fabulous florals and elegant calligraphy! To this day, Phyllis is a huge inspiration to me. I’m proud to say that she’s now a regular contributor to the TPK blog.

    Photos courtesy of Phyllis Macaluso

    3. Bernard Maisner’s Elegant Paper Goods

    Bernard Maisner was rocking the calligraphy world long before I was born, and he’s got several claims to fame. With the help of rubber cement and X-Acto blades, he did the lettering for Whitney Houston’s first album. His hand has been in Hollywood, too, playing Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow and Sean Connery in Finding Forrester. The work of Bernard’s that caught my eye, though, is this sumptuous brown and gold wedding menu! I love its unapologetic flourishes and the stack of plates at the bottom.

    Photo courtesy of 100 Layer Cake

    4. Schin Loong’s Fantastical Animals

    I admire Schin for many reasons, but her flourished animals especially stand out from the crowd. Schin is so well known for her flourished animals that she wrote a book about how to draw them yourself! She also created a tutorial here on TPK sharing how to make the flourished swan below.

    Schin Loong's Flourished Swan Envelope Tutorial
    Photo courtesy of Schin Loong (from the Flourished Swan Envelope Tutorial)

    5. eDanae’s Wondrous Wedding Maps

    When I first came across photos of eDanae’s wedding maps in 2012, I felt giddy with possibility. Her maps feature masterful watercolor work that’s usually complemented by a deckled edge. I’m grateful for discovering eDanae’s maps because they encouraged me to try my hand at map-making, too. It ended up being something that I absolutely love doing (and teaching others how to do as well)!

    Photo courtesy of eDanae

    6. Angelique Ink’s Wall Calligraphy

    Make no mistake: Angi of Angelique Ink deftly wields a dip pen. But my favorite Angelique Ink works appear on walls! Be it stucco, brick, or wooden panels, no surface fazes this artist. Honestly, looking through her Instagram feed makes me want to personalize my own walls.

    Photo courtesy of Angelique Ink

    7. Jake Weidmann’s Calligraphy Masterpieces

    Jake Weidmann is well-known in the calligraphy community as a master penman and an incredible artist. His flourishes are truly something to aspire to, and I love how he merges realistic illustrations and calligraphy in some of his works. One look at his Instagram feed, and it’s clear that he’s got incredible skills in several different mediums. Seeing his work never fails to motivate me to create!

    Photo courtesy of Jake Weidmann

    8. Tipcali’s Fabulous Flourishes

    Thiago Reginato of Tipocali is equally at home using a dip pen, brush pen, broad-tipped pen, or painting incredible murals. I’ve been familiar with Thiago’s work for several years, but the other day, his flourished peacock caught my eye. I can’t stop gaping at its gloriously abundant feathers! I’m not sure — but I suspect — that it was inspired by Schin, whose book he recently purchased (per Instagram). I love it when artists glean inspiration from one another!

    Photos courtesy of Tipocali

    I have to admit that after compiling this article, I feel incredibly motivated to CREATE! I hope that seeing these works does the same for you. Remember not to feel discouraged by inspiring calligraphy photos like these. Every one of these artists started as a beginner, and what you’re seeing is the result of practice and an enjoyment of the craft.

    Have a great week, and thanks for admiring these photos with me!


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