• A Mothers & Makers Giveaway

    Today, I’ve got five unique Mother’s Day gifts for you! All of these items were created by makers who also happen to be mothers, and we collaborated to create a fabulous giveaway. The winners will be chosen on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10th)!

    A Mothers & Makers Giveaway

    I want to do something cool and creative to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020! With that goal in mind, I reached out to four creative friends — who are also moms — to contribute to this giveaway. Today, I’ve got a collection of amazing offerings from them plus a little something from me! All of these giveaways will end on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10th) at 1:00 PM MDT.

    Twilight Safari Pen Roll by Bron Sanderson

    The "Twilight Safari" pen roll features six reinforced pen/brush pockets that will serve you for years to come!

    Bron Sanderson is the talented Australian mother of two and seamstress behind TPK’s pen rolls, which always sell out within a few hours! Artists love how convenient and stylish these pen rolls are. (Frankly, I also appreciate how my pen roll keeps prized tools out of my toddler’s reach!) Bron made a Twilight Safari roll for this giveaway. You can enter the giveaway for this pen roll using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    Embroidered Frida Kahlo Portrait by Pam Ash

    A Mothers & Makers Giveaway
    Frida measures 6″ across. This portrait represents hours of meticulous work and care!

    Pam Ash is a Colorado-based mother of three and an artist with a particular love for thread. You can see how peach tones, yellows, and reds come together in the Frida Kahlo portrait above to make a striking piece! Pam gave me Frida a couple of months ago for this giveaway, and I have to say that I’ll be profoundly sad to see Frida go. This is an absolutely stunning piece, and I already envy whoever wins it! You can enter the giveaway for this embroidered Frida portrait using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    Stunning “Seasonal Subscription” by Phyllis Macaluso

    Folded Heart Handmade Card Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    Phyllis is the mother to four kids, all grown up now! She lives in Ontario with her husband.

    Anytime I receive something in the mail from artist/calligrapher Phyllis Macaluso, it’s like I’m a little kid at Christmas again. I’m telling you: there’s nothing like seeing your name written in her delicate calligraphy with flourishes dancing around it. And opening the envelope is a special experience! If you didn’t notice from Phyllis’s greeting card tutorials, she’s got endless creativity when it comes to creating delightful snail mail. Her contribution to this giveaway is a “subscription” to receive three Macaluso marvels! Your first card/envelope pair will arrive in June. You can look for the second in September, and the third in December. Each card and envelope will have a seasonal theme, though it will be pretty enough to display in your home year-round. You can enter the giveaway for Phyllis’s subscription using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    Landscape Palette by Jess Greenleaf (Greenleaf & Blueberry)

    Landscape Palette
    The winner of this palette will be lucky indeed! It’s very difficult to find these paints in stock on the G&B website due to high demand.

    Greenleaf & Blueberry makes my very favorite watercolors. Their earthy, vibrant hues have helped me to make many a beautiful project (this botanical letter is a recent example). Jess of G&B was my college roommate, and we stayed close friends after school. Though we’re both from Kansas, we now both live in Colorado. Our babies were born ten days apart, and they love getting to play together — just like Jess and I love getting to do art together! You can enter the giveaway for G&B’s Landscape Palette using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    Brause Rose Nib Bundle by Me (Lindsey Bugbee)

    A Mothers & Makers Giveaway

    You already hear from me enough to know who I am and that I spend my days running after an energetic toddler! In keeping with the creative theme of these giveaways, I want to contribute something special — something that’s not available for purchase here on the website. That special thing? A signed 8″x10″ print of my original charcoal/pencil drawing of a Brause Rose nib. The winner will also receive a Brause Rose oblique holder and a Brause Rose nib! You can enter the giveaway for this Brause Rose bundle using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    I want to thank the mothers/makers who agreed to contribute to this giveaway! You really can’t lose by winning any of these gorgeous items, and I’m excited to get to make Mother’s Day even more special for five lucky people. Please feel free to enter the giveaways whether you’re a mom, a dad, a daughter, or a son! You’ll hear from me via email on Sunday, May 10th, if you won; and winners will also be announced publicly (first name, last initial) in the Monday, May 11th TPK newsletter. Best of luck!


    Lindsey's Signature | The Postman's Knock