• State Art Watercolor Tutorial

    State Art Watercolor Tutorial

    I love state art. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t live in my home state now or what, but I think art that calls back to your roots is awesome. A long time ago, I fell in love with the reckless abandon watercolor style state art on Etsy: particularly the “state love” watercolors.Continue…

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  • Aluminum Handmade Gift Tag Tutorial

    Aluminum Handmade Gift Tag Tutorial

    {Aluminum handmade gift tags make for a striking gift presentation.} Hernán and I are celebrating our second anniversary on Monday, though when people ask how long we’ve been together, we usually say it’s been four years. Why? Because for the two years before we started dating, we were “dating and didn’t know it”, according toContinue…

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  • Handmade Card Inspiration

    Handmade Card Inspiration

    I am always on the lookout for handmade card inspiration. I love slipping handmade cards into clients’ packages, just to surprise them with something special and artistic that can go on display. Today, I thought I would share some of the handmade cards I have created, so you can get a healthy dose of handmadeContinue…

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  • Priority Mail Pretty Packaging

    Priority Mail Pretty Packaging

    As someone who creates wedding calligraphy, I am always devastated to put gorgeous handwritten place cards, menus, table numbers, etc. into a remarkably unremarkable priority mail box for shipping to the bride. Priority mail flat rate boxes can be great to ship in because of their unwavering price regardless of weight, but let’s face it:Continue…

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  • Sketchbook Journal vs. Scrapbook

    Sketchbook Journal vs. Scrapbook

    My sketchbook journal habit has taken a serious hit in the past five-ish years; but it was justified because I was busy with, you know, college. However, now that I am not in college, I have resolved to give my sketchbook journal the attention it deserves. I have two complete sketchbook journals from my highContinue…

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