I’ve searched high and low for these parallel gliders to stock them in the TPK Supplies Shop! It was almost impossible to get a hold of them in 2020 because Alvin, the manufacturer, went out of business. In 2021, another company acquired the rights to manufacture the parallel glider (/”rolling ruler”). I’m pleased to say that the new Alvin parallel gliders are identical to the original parallel glider that I fell in love with in 2014. (I’m still using the same one!)

A parallel glider is a bit of an investment, but it’s a tool you’ll return to again and again, and it lasts for years. If you’ve been using a parallel glider with a plastic base, you’ll be amazed at what an upgrade this aluminum-based beauty can do!

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Weight 6 oz

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  1. Valerie Gossert

    I just received my Alvin 10″ Pro Parallel Glider. And it is amazing! It’s extremely precise, durable & easy to use. I bought it for calligraphy and marking lines on envelopes for writing addresses. I didn’t know how much I really needed it until I tried it. It’s now my favorite ‘cool tool’. My husband has taken a great liking to it, too. He plans to ‘borrow’ it from time-to-time for his technical drawings and preparing matt boards for framing photographs. I’m really glad that I splurged and purchased it! We both highly recommend it!

  2. sharon.lang

    I was so excited when this ruler was back in stock. I had tried using other ones that have large plastic barrels and it didn’t give the right effect. Thanks, Lindsey for patiently looking for it.

  3. Leah Ortloff

    I had seen this in one of the tutorials and immediately wanted, but was unable to find it due to the company going out of business. TPK was one of the first I have seen to get it back into stock! I love it!

  4. Stefanie McKellar

    Very happy to see this recommended! Wouldn’t have known it otherwise! Very sturdy – not flimsy at all.

  5. Barbara Darrah

    Just splurged on this high quality tool. So nice to find items NOT made in China. Looking forward to making use of all its features.

  6. Sandra Stanley

    What a delight to have a tool of such high quality – the best ruler ever!

  7. Giselle R

    I love this ruler and was so excited to learn more about how to use it recently! This makes aligning calligraphy lines so simple! Buy one, you will use it all the time!

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