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  1. Meenakshi Vinod

    I love these drills by Lindsey because they make daily practice much more fun and interesting. Instead of the basic strokes I can practice my strokes by doing interesting drills.

  2. Kaitlin

    These drill sheets are so fun and not too easy – keeps me on my toes and helps me warm up. I’ve already noticed a difference in my hand control!

  3. aliahaytham

    I love Lindsey’s calligraphy worksheets because of their helpful layout and affordable prices. Even though this printable is free, it is absolutely wonderful. I think a beginner like me should look for worksheets like this one so they can get used to using a dip pen, or even just for some practice.

  4. Matilda Westbury

    These drill sheets are a pleasure to use, its lovely to have some varied mark making exercises to challange my dip pen skills

  5. Mona Earnest

    Thought this looked interesting and it was FREE! Was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was and how it helped just to remember the basics – swirls going in different directions and loops to get the ink flowing. Great practice for newbies or for those looking to dust off a nib pen. Sometimes, we go through an ebb and flow of creativity and need just a little something to get us back in the game. Very thoughtful and a great way to practice!

  6. Katie

    These drills are all a freshly starting calligrapher can wish for, providing ample options to work on one’s strokes. It’s easy to use and a pleasure to work with. Great styling as usual

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