This self-paced Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course is every bit as effective as my in-person calligraphy workshops. There are no time or demonstration constraints, so I was able to include absolutely everything that you need to know! On film, I am able to communicate concepts from different shooting angles, and you can pause and re-watch videos as needed. If you don’t quite understand how to do something, there’s a “Discussion” portion under each lesson where you can ask questions. Lessons include a short quiz and homework assignments. Here’s the course layout, including video durations (minutes/seconds):

Lesson 1: Preparing to Create Pointed Pen Calligraphy

  • Video: Creating Faux Calligraphy (20:03)

Lesson 2: Pointed Pen Calligraphy Supplies

  • Video 1: Supplies (9:57)
  • Video 2: Prepping New Nibs (8:39)
  • Video 3: Setting Up Your Workspace (2:58)

Lesson 3: The Straight Pen Holder

  • Video 1: Straight Pen Overview (19:57)
  • Video 2: For the Lefties – Tips for Using the Straight Pen (5:47)
  • Video 3: Beginner Problems (7:00)
  • Video 4: Straight Calligraphy Drills (12:50)
  • Video 5: Writing Uppercase Letters (18:05)
  • Video 6: Writing Lowercase Letters (15:45)
  • Video 7: Writing Words (16:53)

Lesson 4: The Oblique Calligraphy Pen

  • Video 1: Oblique Calligraphy Pen Overview (16:58)
  • Video 2: Should You Use an Oblique Pen? – A Video for Lefties (6:07)
  • Video 3: Writing Letters With the Oblique Calligraphy Pen (24:12)
  • Video 4: Writing Words With the Oblique Calligraphy Pen (17:14)
  • Video 5: Writing Words Without Guidelines (3:56)

Lesson 5 (Optional): Creating Copperplate Calligraphy

Note that this lesson includes a 10-page printable workbook that is separate from the course workbook. If you choose to complete this lesson, you will need a printer.

  • Video 1: Writing Uppercase Copperplate Calligraphy Letters (19:08)
  • Video 2: Writing Lowercase Copperplate Calligraphy Letters (12:08)
  • Video 3: Writing Copperplate Words (20:45)

Lesson 6: Guidelines and Practice

  • Video 1: How to Draw Pencil Guidelines (4:24)
  • Video 2: Effective Practice Suggestions (4:29)

The course ends with a short video explaining your post-course homework. The total viewing time for this course is approximately 4.5 hours, but I’d recommend allocating two months to do everything that you’re asked to do in the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos and worksheet set! Please note that you must have or create an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account.

278 reviews

  1. alcidia23

    I’ve loved and admired calligraphy since I was a young girl but never thought I could ever swing it. Then I came across Lindsey’s website when lockdown began in March. Applying for the course was really a shot in the dark. I thought it’s too late to learn. Well, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve already impressed friends and family with my Kaitlin style calligraphy, I’ve also done some mail art (my favourite) and gifted some bookmarks. I cannot express how grateful I am to Lindsey and her Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy course. Her tutoring style is endearing, she’s articulate, engaging and thorough and shares an abundance of information that you won’t find on other courses or websites. Wow! Here I am a few months later confident enough to send custom made birthday cards to my friends showcasing my newly acquired calligraphy skills. Don’t hesitate to sign up for the Beginner’s course. It’s all you need if you’ve never done calligraphy before. Lindsey is not just selling a product, she’s sharing years of calligraphic experience, tips, free resources, and a myriad of other information which is priceless, Can’t wait to begin the INTERMEDIATE MODERN CALLIGRAPHY COUIRSE which I have signed up for!

  2. Joshia Manggala

    I am actually a longtime lurker in this community, and I subscribed to Lindsey’s newsletters as well. However, it is only just this year that I braved myself and decided to learn dip pen calligraphy.

    I bought this course a while ago after I was having a two-sessions calligraphy workshop. While I admit that the in-person workshop has its benefits, however, I feel the workshop is still quite packed since a lot of information was squeezed into 1-2 sessions. For a beginner, this situation can be particularly challenging with the pressure to keep practising the newly learned lessons and to prepare for the upcoming sessions. This is where it differs with Lindsey’s Beginner Online Course. Not only can you set your own pace to learn, it is also very informative and detailed! I must admit with much less cost, I was still able to learn more than what I paid for the workshops. So, it is very cost-efficient if you think about it.

    Finally, I must add that I took the online course during the covid-19 pandemic. I truly believe that Lindsey’s was already ahead when she set up this course, and this is a very good start since there is a high possibility that this might turns out to be the future of calligraphy!

    P.S.: I also have bought the intermediate course, and I can’t wait to learn!

  3. Hannah Temples

    If you’re interested in calligraphy, you need to take this course! It’s just the right length, very informative, and so much fun! Lindsey is a wonderful teacher and this course is worth every penny. The included worksheets are great and I continue to print them out for more practice.

  4. Denise Thibault

    There are lots of courses for beginners but I’ve found they zip through the basics or the necessary foundational information. Lindsey knows what is needed to get you started on the right foot. You finish confident in your new skill. Go for it! This is a great course.

  5. io.suzanna

    The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn and/or improve their calligraphy skills. Lindsey is a great instructor in explaining the concepts and the videos are very helpful.

  6. Brenda Stewart

    I loved the online course! I’m new at calligraphy. The course was very information and easy to understand! Worth the money. You nailed it! I’m learning practice is very important! Thanks

  7. Pam Henson

    Then this course is for you, It’s like going to school and you pick how much time you are willing to put into it. And it is very reasonable for what you get. If you take this beginners course you are on your way, and there are so many other perks. Free worksheets, emails full of illustrations, you will never regret getting this course or finding this website. AND….. she is soon launching and intermediate course to go even further. Just sign up for her emails and you will see just how lucky you are to have found this course.

  8. Lena Kelley

    Lindsey seems like one of the sweetest gals. She makes you feel like you are a personal close friend. She has a gift for calligraphy as well as a gift for public speaking and photography and videography. I took the course when she first published it, and I find myself going back to it as I get more involved with the art of calligraphy. Thank you, Lindsey (and Mr. Lindsey), for sharing yourselves with us.

  9. Robin

    Lindsey explains everything simply and will give you the confidence you need to JUST GET STARTED !! That’s always the hard part but once you do you will be glad you did! I got some of her other worksheets also and am glad i have them to refer to for my envelopes and cards. Go for it and enjoy the experience 👍🏽

  10. Greg Schuerman

    This is an excellent course. The quality of production and materials is outstanding. This type of instruction is SO practical. You can move at your own pace and even retake sections. Because the materials are digital, you can reprint as many practice sheets as you want, making it an excellent value.

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