Calligraphy medallions are one of the most impressive projects that you can create with a dip pen! They also provide great practice for handling your writing instrument. In this packet, you’ll find detailed instructions for making five different calligraphy medallions. Each medallion relates to a “birds and botanicals” theme, so get ready to make feathers, flowers, stems, and leaves with your calligraphy strokes!

This 25-page set includes the following:

  • Calligraphy Medallion Template + Instructions
  • “Changing Seasons” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Peacock” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Winter Wonderland” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Birds of a Feather” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Rose Garden” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions

If you have any questions about this exemplar set, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

20 reviews

  1. ariesb218

    These worksheets are a blast. Ive used these medallions to dress up envelopes from valentines day to christmas! Lindsay does such a great job of making things that are stunning and complicated, easy for the rest of us no matter what the skill level!

  2. Jessica Barnes

    I love doing these medallions. They look real hard, but she breaks it down into tiny little steps that make it doable.

  3. jo2

    This is a great worksheet. So much detail and easy to follow instructions. Highly recommend these worksheets if you want to try something different.

  4. Niguida

    It’s very intimidating but the tutorial is very well explained.
    Even more great achievements thanks to Lindsey!

  5. jenniroger

    This tutorial is a great way to find peace and calm while practicing calligraphy. Sometimes I get too nervous about a project. These are detailed and easy to follow and help find that balance between thinking about what you are doing and just doing it! Another wonderful TPK worksheet!!! <3

  6. tharealsnowwhite

    I love this worksheet! I’m still a beginner, well maybe intermediate beginner haha, but this was fun! I pulled out some of my metallic ink and it looks AMAZING with these medallions.

  7. Jacqueline Berg

    This was very helpful for perfecting my snowflake designs on my Christmas cards. It also reinforced the importance of symmetry and tracing out the design first! Thank you Lindsey for another great printable tutorial!

  8. quierocoloresdevida

    A detailed list of steps to make these beautiful lockets successfully, I enjoy them!

  9. Almiria

    What a lovely way to create art and practice calligraphy skills at the same time! Highly recommended!

  10. LouiseJenna

    Beautiful work xxx

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