To fill out this worksheet set, you’ll need an iPad, an Apple pencil, and the Procreate iPad app. It will be easiest to fill out this worksheet if you have general knowledge on how to use the Procreate app. The file comes to you as a .zip with 12 .jpg images inside. You’ll need to add those images to your iPad using the instructions on the Welcome to Procreate FAQs page!

What’s Included

This 12-page set includes the following:

  • Calligraphy Medallion Template + Instructions
  • “Changing Seasons” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Peacock” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Winter Wonderland” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Birds of a Feather” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Rose Garden” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • Practice Circles

4 reviews


    I love all the worksheets for practice. So happy to find these and be able to keep up practice on the go. So fun and relaxing. Thank you

  2. Chessie

    I love all of your procreate worksheets! You’re amazing!

  3. Laura Morley

    These are beautiful and easy to follow, as always. Not that mine turn out as perfectly as Lindsey’s… yet! I made the peacock medallion in white and gold, on black, for my daughter’s 16th birthday card. She loved it, thanks Lindsey!

  4. Kristy Hurley

    So glad these are available in PROCREATE, I can practice on my lunch hour where bringing my dip pen supplies wouldn’t be very practical. Wish ALL classes & worksheets were available for PROCREATE, maybe someday!

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