Calligraphy medallions are one of the most impressive projects that you can create with a dip pen! They also provide great practice. In this packet, you’ll find detailed instructions for making five different calligraphy medallions. Each medallion relates to a famous dances theme, so get ready to “dance” with your pen!

This 20-page set includes the following:

  • Calligraphy Medallion Template + Instructions
  • “Foxtrot” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Waltz” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Cha Cha” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Tango” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • “Samba” Calligraphy Medallion Instructions
  • Practice Circles

If you have any questions about this set, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

20 reviews

  1. Avi S

    the instructions are really clear. good to follow

  2. Tori

    These are beautiful additions to any invitation.

  3. Veronica

    I love both the theme and names of all of these! Easy to do step-by-step but they look great.

  4. Laura Morley

    More of Lindsey’s creative designs – these make me miss dancing! They are just beautiful.

  5. bhavika.m.patel

    These medallions turn out to be GORGEOUS! Perfect for spicing up an envelope or just on the front of a card! The instructions are so clear and very easy to follow! Also – I just love the theme of them – the medallions capture the dances they’re named after perfectly!!!

  6. Paula McAndrew

    Innovative designs, easy to access, great incentive to practice skills.

  7. June Hume

    These are so beautiful but I thought I would never be able to draw them. The instructions are so good that..yes..I have achieved , thank you very much for sharing this with us I am getting so much enjoyment. The birds and botanicals is a must.

  8. Carla Standen

    Lindsey really is very clever… While you are making beautiful art, you are ACTUALLY practicing really important skills with your calligraphy pen… skills that make you a better calligrapher! So this is a “two birds with one stone” situation. Get beautiful art AND improve your calligraphy. Winner!

  9. Alison Q

    This was really fun to do, and the results are beautiful!

  10. joanna.hollis

    These beautiful designs are so therapeutic to do. Easy to follow instructions and they flow beautifully.

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