This 1 oz. container should last you quite a while. It is meant to be diluted with water to facilitate calligraphy creation! Again, I strongly recommend reading this article before using this ink.

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  1. Rebecca Sedlak

    I’ve definitely had to add a lot more water than I thought I would, and I don’t use it frequently so I usually have to start over every time. So it always takes a bit of commitment for me to want to use it since I have to spend a while getting the consistency right, but it looks amazing!

  2. Barb Richards

    This is an excellent ink to use for the darker or black envelopes. I think I use this more than any other ink! Does need to be watered down, as Lindsey explains, but it’s actually a pleasure to write with.

  3. sannanator

    This is by far the best white paint I own. It’s really opaque, even when you water it down a fair bit in order to be able to use it as an ink, and I really love the semi-glossy finish when it dries. A little really goes a long way so this jar will probably last me a lifetime! Money well invested =)

  4. Rita

    Great product!

  5. Tori

    Not sure if my previous review came through — it writes so smoothly and is so versatile

  6. Tori

    This writes so smoothly and is so versatile

  7. Madalyn Shatzer

    I love this bleed proof white ink! It is very easy to work with, and my white calligraphy on dark paper looks so elegant. When I use it on envelopes, I make sure that the ink is completely dry, and then carefully apply MicroGlaze all-purpose paper protector on top.

  8. Heather

    This is an awesome ink once you get the feel for how much water to add. I started with a little and kept adding and just couldn’t get it to flow. Then I just dumped about a teaspoon in and mixed it up and voila! A perfect ink for dark papers.

  9. Kathleen Moloney

    I had bought the bleed proof ink a while ago and was hesitant to try it but after seeing this post in my email I decided to go for it and used it on some red and green cardstock and wrote all things Christmas! So happy with the result! I only put a few drops of water and stirred on the top layer as suggested. Now that it’s been a few days I can see that the ink has thickened up again so I’m not worried about it becoming too watery! Thanks Lindsey!

  10. jessiez

    I finally bought myself this Bleed Proof White ink after reading TPK blog posts about it for years. I don’t know what took me so long! It is a DREAM to write with!!! As Lindsey mentions throughout the blog, it did arrive very thick but I diluted it with some distilled water and mixed it with a coffee stirrer until it was about the consistency of heavy cream. So far I have only used it with a Brause EF66 nib on a black envelopes and I’m in love. It’s super opaque and creates a beautiful, slightly shiny, “run-your-fingers-over-it” kind of raised result. I’ll be looking for any opportunity to use this ink!

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