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TPK’s Elegant Cursive Handwriting Worksheet offers a solution for people who want to be able to write in gorgeous cursive with vintage flair. All of the letterforms in this worksheet were inspired by “Business Handwriting”, a style from the early 1900’s.

This worksheet is one of the most comprehensive on the TPK site, and it took nearly a year to put together! Each character (A-Z, a-z, 1-0, @) is broken down into its core components. Before you take on practicing a letter, you’ll do exercises that teach you how to make its components. Then, you’ll put everything together to make the letter itself.

The last 10 pages of the worksheet hone in on connecting letters in order to write words. To that end, you’ll practice writing random words with common letter combinations.

Supplies needed include a good pen (budget options include Muji 05 or Pilot G2 05). For a splurge, spring for a Pilot Falcon. Smooth paper is a must, too — 32# laserjet is an excellent pick. *Affiliate links

This worksheet set will take you at least a few weeks to fill out! Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the journey. Happy writing!

If you have any questions about TPK printable worksheet sets, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

8 reviews

  1. Carla

    I will use this for practice, but as I look at the forms of the letters I realize that my natural handwriting isn’t so far off from this already. Things look very familiar. I should say I was taught cursive from the very first day of Second Grade (1957) by an old maid school teacher — tough, fair, and an excellent teacher. By the Fourth Grade we were required to have Sheaffer Student Fountain Pens to write with. Different times. Still, I am not too old to learn. I will brush up on my letter forms with the help of this tutorial. Thank you.

  2. bpcutie1922

    This worksheet(I should say workBOOK with how many pages there are!) has been amazingly helpful. You’re not going to finish it in a day, but you’re not supposed to. It helps you slow down and teaches you each part of every letter individually. One of my favorite things about this worksheet is that even if I don’t like how a certain letter looks, the exercises that make up the letter still help if you want to come up with your own version of the letter. Just writing the letter as a whole isn’t enough to be able to truly recreate the letters perfectly. Breaking each letter down into individual parts really help you with recreating the letters so they look identical to Lindsey’s versions. This has greatly improved my handwriting in general, not just when I’m trying to write in this elegant style.

    If you’re on the fence about this worksheet, I say go for it! You’ll have it forever, including any updates that come along and even if you only practice it a few minutes every day, or it takes you a couple years to get through it, it will help improve your everyday writing.

  3. Dr. Garry Lunn

    As per usual, Lindsey has created another work of art. The detail in the course is like no other. I love the steps she has created to get to the final figure. I actually travel with this to practice and relax. Well worth it. Thanks, Lindsey.

  4. gamerxps

    This worksheet has helped me greatly both in my personal life and at work. My cursive was getting worse before, but is now so much neater and a joy to write thanks to Lindsey. I receive compliments on both my handwriting and lettering now because of this worksheet and the ‘Improve Your Handwriting Course’.

  5. jkhsno

    When in College I had to write fast to get the best notes but it ruined the look of my cursive writing. This hand writing class put me back on track and improved my hand writting immensely. Easy practice sheets helped me add some polish to my presentation.

  6. gram.f.0047

    Thank you for the Elegant Cursive Handwriting Lesson. I use it almost daily in my handwriting. I have had some very nice compliments about the cursive lettering since I have had this lesson. I have most of your lessons and really appreciate the care that you put into your work. You are great.

  7. Ann Roosth Melamed

    This is such a helpful worksheet. I wanted to learn calligraphy because my mother’s generation all had such beautiful handwriting, and mine seems to get worse and worse as time goes by. Of course, calligraphy is not handwriting. The cursive worksheet is a dream come true, because it teaches the beautiful, every day handwriting that I aspire to. Anyone who has a desire to improve the way they come across on paper would benefit from this carefully crafted worksheet.

  8. ellamenter

    Oh my goodness! This packet is so wonderful! I’ve made cursive my go-to handwriting since adolescence, but it’s very bare-bones and has gotten a little messy over the year. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to write in this beautiful vintage style. I’m only about halfway through the packet right now, but I’ve already seen drastic improvements in my everyday cursive. I’m also working on being able to “turn on” this vintage style, which has been getting better with practice. Lindsey makes it so easy to learn- I love how she breaks down all the letters into individual strokes. This packet has made me more mindful of my daily handwriting, and I enjoy practicing the vintage when just scrawling out grocery lists or quick notes. I highly, highly recommend!

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