17 reviews

  1. Adriana

    Excellent channel! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


    I Really appreciate these free practice sheets! And have a blast with the bees & octopus type of practice drills😊 Thank you.

  3. Brooke Warso

    EXCELLENT guidance!!! Thank you so much

  4. JoAnn

    Loved this practice and drill. thank you

  5. Joane Lepage

    Very Happy to Get It!

  6. Joane Lepage

    Thank You Very Much!

  7. Wanda

    Thank you for providing all the helpful sheets for those of us that are just trying out to see if this is for us. I took a course about 15-20 years ago. Do not know if I can revive the skills now! Will give it a try. Thank you.

  8. Claudette Donaldson

    Thank you-just starting.

  9. clair

    Thank You. This is great and definitely helps with the shaky hand.

  10. Martha West

    Lindsey , thank you so much for starting me in my Calligraphy OCD 😘
    I love the way you have helped me develope my delight! You will always rock in my books!

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