I am happy to offer this printable freebie to you free of charge! All I ask is that you don’t re-use the designs for profit or redistribute the file without permission. Enjoy!!

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  1. FD

    Thank you so much for these adorable Valentine gift cards. Except for the one that specifically says Valentine’s Day, we will use them all round, I am sure, as we love to send out hearts in all seasons.

  2. Candice Cannon

    Lovely, thank you! I fed printed cardstock in with printed side up into my printer and did click fit to page so it would fill up the page. It printed perfectlly! The front of the card is your beautiful designs and the back pink and white polka dots! Love it. Thank you for allowing us to print off for free. Looking forward to purchasing the other envelope designs you have. I did print off the free Valentine envelope and colored it but have several girls in university this fall and want to print off envelopes to use to send them pick me up cards and care packages through the study year. So thanks again. You do beautiful work.

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