Upon your purchase of these templates, you’ll be presented with four files:

  • Large Roses Template
  • Medium Roses Template
  • Small Roses Template
  • Mail Art Roses Template (For A7 Envelope)

Print out the template that best fits your needs for any given project. Remember that you can print out the templates as many times as you need to, whenever you need to! These printables were made to fit standard-sized US printers (8.5″x11″); however, they should print just as well on non-US printers.

I created these templates with the intention that you will use them for fun personal projects, like mail art and/or gift tags. Please do not re-sell the files.

If you are printing the templates out with the intention of tracing them, regular printer paper should work just fine. However, if you are printing with the intention of coloring/collaging, I would recommend printing on 32# premium laserjet paper or 70-80 lb. drawing paper that has been cut to fit your printer.

10 reviews

  1. Pat

    Thank you for these wonderful lessons. i’ve learned so much.

  2. kellum97

    One thing I like about a template like that is that its so versatile. I can use it as a whole piece or I can use sections of it for tiny things like gift tags or a border on cards for an extra special touch!

  3. Carolyn

    I used this for Mother’s Day cards for my daughter and daughter-in-law and they loved them! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Trienes

    These roses are beautiful! Traced with a lightbox, they easily add flair to any card or project without fuss. Even better: I used them as a template when I was teaching myself how to draw realistic roses. Thank you so much, Lindsey!

  5. Jen Salko

    These are so beautiful! I can’t wait to use them on Valentine’s Day projects!

  6. Aries

    This is a beautiful template! Im sad to see its gone 🙁

  7. Linnea Houskeeper

    You and your work are inspiring!

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Thank you, Linnea 🙂

  8. Vicki kitts

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your templates before retiring them. I appreciate your blog and tutorials very much. As I have no natural talent, I need the assistance of your directions and templates to extend my writing and help me create attractive pieces.
    All the best as you continue as wife, mother, artist, and creative leader!

  9. Christiane Nicely

    So beautiful!

  10. Patrick

    The blog that accompanied these inspired me to purchase a light pad and make my first greeting card. I do not have much innate artistic talent, but I am learning calligraphy and these templates make it possible for me to be more creative. Thanks Lindsay!!

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