*I am happy to offer this worksheet to you for free! All I ask is that you please do not redistribute the file via your blog/website; and of course, please do not redistribute it for a profit.

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  1. Marga

    Thanks for this info and the free printable worksheet.

  2. Marina

    Lindsey, thank you so much for this amazing worksheet. I have written in cursive for many years but never really liked the way it looked. Using your worksheet is helping me improve my writing more than I had ever hoped for.

    I have recently gotten into calligraphy and decided one of the best places to start is with my handwriting. There are many styles I so admire and have always wished my writing could look prettier. Your worksheet has opened my eyes that my writing CAN look pretty, fun, and stylish instead of plain and boring. Thank you for providing this worksheet to us so we may grow!

    I am so excited to see where these worksheets will take my writing and what I can do next. This is something I will continue to revisit over and over again, even pass on to my children so they may learn the dying art as well. Thank you a million times over!

    ~ Marina

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Wow! I’m so glad you enjoyed the worksheet and I wish you all the best as you continue your calligraphy journey!! 😀

  3. praise

    I want to a good writing
    I heard this site help people to have a good writing

  4. Chrei Harrison

    Looking forward to adding to my penmanship improve. As I feel this is a lost art that every one should do that wants to.

  5. Mario Nebiaj

    Thank you for this!!!!

  6. febya2902


  7. camila

    Very good

  8. Ahmed

    Thank you very much for the awesome blog it gives me confidence and hope of a better hand writing.


  9. Cathy

    Thanks for sharing it for free.

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Thanks for reading!

  10. hzgoin


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