It is my pleasure to offer you this freebie, but please respect the time and effort that went into making it! Please do not use the file for commercial purposes and/or redistribute the file (either for profit or otherwise). The illustration is copyright The Postman’s Knock, and was made for your creative pleasure.

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  1. Liz Thompson

    Super cute! I printed this out on drawing paper, used my red watercolor on : the 3 clusters of small flowers, one of the paintbrushes and the last 1/3 of the flag; used dark blue watercolor on: the first 1/3 of the flag, the 3 medium flowers (that look a bit like dogwood but with 5 petal) and on the other paintbrush. I left the large roses just as they are. I used Greenleaf & Blueberry “graphite” to touch up the darker areas of the fleur de lis and flagpole and give them a little bit of shine. I cut that out and mounted it on a dusty blue card. You can calligraph the word “Merci” on the inside to make it a cute thank-you note. Easy, beautiful (thanks to Lindsey’s artwork) and fun! I made a few cards for a friend who leaves in France, too. Thank you, Lindsey!

  2. Renata Earles

    Thanks Lindsey! My daughter and I were just in France, I am sure your delightful illustration will turn up in my scrapbook.

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