Hand-lettering provides an eye-catching and artistic way to communicate! “Lasso Lettering” is one of my favorite hand lettering styles because it marries the flourish of pointed pen calligraphy with no-frills block lettering. This worksheet will give you all the instruction you need to create Lasso Lettering, no previous lettering experience required.

To fill out this worksheet set, you’ll need an iPad, an Apple pencil, and the Procreate iPad app. It will be easiest to fill out this worksheet if you have general knowledge of how to use the Procreate app. In Procreate, I prefer to write Lasso Lettering using the “Technical Pen” (in the “Inking” section of the Brush Pen Library) at size 12%. However, you should feel free to use the brush that feels best to you. 

The 12 page Lasso Lettering PROCREATE worksheet set features the following:

  • Complete Alphabet Exemplar (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, &)
  • Step-by-Step Letter Formation Instructions + Practice for All Letters/Numbers
  • Word Practice 
  • Blank Practice Guidelines

You’ll also receive a 4 page PDF file that features an exemplar and tips for writing in this unique hand lettering style!


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