I originally developed the Learn Cursive Worksheet for Kids so I could teach my nine-year-old niece how to write. I realized once I made it that it could be helpful for countless other kids (and adults), too!

You can print this worksheet off on whatever paper is in your printer. Fill it out with a smooth pen or a mechanical pencil. For maximum learning benefits, I strongly encourage you to pair this worksheet with the Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Video Course

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Personal Usage License (1-5 learners), Classroom Usage License (6+ learners)

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  1. bibliophagist47

    Overall, this was a good worksheet. It was easy to follow (especially with the free online video course) and I found the slant lines very helpful. However, I was a bit disappointed that there are a few inconsistencies in the letter forms. For example, the arrows for the capital “I” on the exemplar page go in the opposite direction of the arrows for that letter on other pages, and the “o” in “Firework” has an extra loop not present on other lowercase “o”s in the worksheet set.

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