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Marvelous Mail is a 63-page eBook that comes to you in PDF format. Once you check out, you will receive access to it! I recommend reading the eBook on your computer or your iPad (it works beautifully in the Kindle app). There are a few pages you may want to print out individually, like the envelope calligraphy guidelines templates. However, most of the information and graphics are best enjoyed on a screen. No matter how you choose to read, you will get excited about making some incredible envelope calligraphy and mail art!

Here’s an index of what’s included in this printable PDF set:

  • Explanation of supplies
  • Suggestions for choosing lettering styles for your envelopes
  • Inspiration for envelope backs
  • Envelope liner inspiration
  • Instructions over how to DIY an address guidelines template
  • Pre-made (printable) address guidelines templates
  • Instructions over centering your envelopes
  • Suggestions for saving time (for projects that involve addressing multiple envelopes)
  • Tips for playing nice with the post office
  • Postage inspiration
  • Design element tutorials
  • Inspirational mail art envelope photos
  • Additional resources

If you have any questions about Marvelous Mail, feel free to get in touch with me!

9 reviews

  1. Angie Dean

    I’m excited to try this set and work on beautiful mail!! Thanks so much

  2. Kat

    This guide is easy to understand and takes the guess work out of aligning addresses and inspires creative mailing! Thanks Lindsey!

  3. smccrory

    No more boring envelopes, with this tutorial you’ll be sending out “pretty” mail in no time.

  4. Olive Oyl

    This is the best thing to have happened to me this year. Lovely, detailed, inspiring. TPK is the best!

  5. smccrory

    This has helped me to create beautiful envelope art to go along with letters that (I am learning to write beautifully with the help of TPK calligraphy courses).

  6. Tammy Gallahan

    I love this book, it gives great ideas on creating fun and interesting mail.

  7. Arthur

    This is extremely useful for addressing memorable mail.

  8. Danny Creagan

    Lindsey’s collection is interesting and it gives you tools to set up your own system so you can start enjoying the craft. I have ordered quite a few things but I finally created an account and got serious about all things TPK.

  9. Gloria Hatley

    Have been eyeing this eBook and am so glad I finally purchased. Am inspired by Lindsey’s thorough and easy to understand instructions. Looking forward to creating some pretty mail!

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