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  1. Janet

    Great nib for a beginner! It’s durable and firm. Absolutely one of my favorites. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. Donna Diehl

    The Nikki G nib is without a doubt my favorite nib. I dabble with other nibs while doing drills but always go for the Nikki G for serious pointed pen pieces. Thanks for introducing me to them Lindsey 👍

  3. Ramona Loman

    Well, not only is this a great job and really did make a big difference on how my calligraphy came out, but the packaging is adorable! So clever and so cute! I didn’t want to remove it to use it! Thank you for all the care and thoughtfulness you put into your work!

  4. weeks.linda077

    I find the Nikko G to be my favorite nibs, I use them all the time for pointed pen work, just like Lindsey said, these are great nibs!

  5. rtaylor8

    I love this nib, plus all the other ones and pen holders that I’ve bought from you. So much better quality than any nib I’ve bought in the stores. Thank you for selling quality supplies.

  6. Szaffi Forillo

    New to calligraphy and I’m enjoying using the Nikko G nib.

  7. helloannaanna

    Best beginner nib for me. Also super helpful to watch Lindsey’s tutorial on putting the nib correctly into the straight pen.

  8. Johnna Allen

    One of my new favorites. Love how easy it writes. Even for my fast pace (which I am trying to work on).

  9. Mallory R

    Learning calligraphy and this was super simple to use.

  10. Nona Rezac

    What a great, inexpensive nib for every day use! It’s forgiving for beginners for sure and has helped to build my confidence.

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