This hand lettering worksheet set will help you to learn the basics of six different styles of letterforms. It will also show you how to compile those letterforms into a cohesive art piece (should you choose to do so). You won’t need any special materials to fill out this worksheet; if you’ve got a pencil, a pen, and paper, you are set!

This printable hand lettering worksheet set includes the following pages:

  • Illustrated Supply List 
  • Tips 
  • Step-by-Step Description + Practice for Writing:
    • Sans-Serif Style Letters 
    • Open Style Letters 
    • Wishbone Style Letters 
    • Roman Style Letters 
    • Garamond Style Letters 
    • Flytrap Style Letters 
  • Instructions for Writing Words + Letter Spacing
  • Half Inch Grid 
  • Half Centimeter Grid

Once you purchase, you will also be presented with a bonus add-on download: The Making of the Hand Lettering for a Latté Logo. This 3-page printable gives you insight into the process behind making a hand-lettered illustrated piece.

30 reviews

  1. Tom F

    By the time I am done, I will have purchased ALL of TPK instruction..problem is,,just as I am getting the hang of Amy Style, George Style etc The Amazing LINDSEY comes out with Another incredible way to add beauty to my should see my files..I need a professional organizer..:) Thank you for your inspiration..from a football career to a LOVE of Calligraphy..thanks to TPK..Word of Caution through exp..”Never drop a quill dip pen when your barefoot…It WILL PENETRATE,YOU WILL BLEED:)Just saying

  2. Helena

    Oh, its just amazing!!! I´m learning in order to do some chalkboards to my little sister’s wedding and I’m having a blast – and so does some coworkers, who are trying to trace some of the characters themselves. The fonts are amazing. Really, great product for a great price.

  3. kseniacar

    This is a wonderful set of worksheets! And this is exactly what one needs when one starts learning lettering. I’ve recently bought a couple of workbooks for beginners in lettering and they urge you to just start drawing letters. From the very beginning! Just like that! Well, if I knew how to draw letters in different styles I wouldn’t have bought these workbooks, would I?
    So, these worksheets, where you gradually learn different font is just the thing!
    Thank you, Lindsey!
    And happy 2016 for you from cold and snowy Russia!))

  4. Gill

    Excellent package for a beginner like me and being able to download them is perfect as it is so instant. ( I am in England) I’m already looking at your other worksheet sets.

  5. MT

    Very nice! There’s no accent in latte, though… It’s just “latte”, or the pronounciation would be entirely different.

  6. Maria

    I love how easy and simple you make everything look. I’m learning a lot and I’m putting all my dedication to get better at this. Once I finished this one and feel ready I’ll continue with the other worksheets. <3

  7. fludrby

    I totally agree with Cristina, I really love to watch and learn from you Lindsey, love your Technics !
    You roc!!

  8. Cristina

    I Love the Postmnasknock this web site if full of awesomeness. I love all her work. supper fan. Thank you for all you do for us learning students. XoXo..

  9. Ruth

    I was extremely excited for the launch of this set of worksheets and, as usual, everything Lindsey offers is pure gold! I’m loving this set and the various letter forms that are included. So often I’ve found myself enamored with the way in which Lindsey combines the elegance of calligraphy and the more “solid look” of letters. It seems to “ground” the entire look and highlights the art of calligraphy even more. This set is an amazing tool to have! Sheer eye candy!!

  10. Sally

    Both comprehensive and beautiful, this worksheet set was one I had highly anticipated. And, as usual, Lindsey exceeded my expectations! A wonderful way to learn several hand-lettering styles for a mere five bucks! Looking forward to throwing a “grown-up” diner party and using this worksheet to inspire a DIY menu card!

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