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Cocktail Casual Calligraphy is a free-spirited and artistic calligraphy style that I appreciate because it’s quick! There’s no need to draw pencil guidelines, and strokes are created at a quick pace. Use this style on anything that will benefit from casual letterforms with ample flourishes!

Here’s what you’ll need to fill out this worksheet set:

This worksheet set features the following:

Core Calligraphy Worksheet (62 Pages)

The Cocktail Casual Style Core Calligraphy Worksheet includes everything you need to know to get started, including:

  • Supply List
  • Drills
  • Letter Formation Practice
  • Word Practice
  • Challenging Letter Combinations Practice
  • Address Practice
  • Stroke Reference Sheet

Intensive Letter Practice (66 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to master letters that you have trouble with.

Intensive Word Practice (71 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to practice stringing Janet Style letters together to make words.

If you have any questions about TPK printable calligraphy worksheet sets, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

14 reviews

  1. Martha B Porter

    Cocktail Casual is a fun, flowy, sweeping style of calligraphy that encourages you to loosen up and break some rules. It can become “your own” in a way, as you adapt what you learn to create original projects. I think this style allows me to create a card quickly and lends itself to being a bit forgiving and get a card out to the mailbox more quickly than styles that are more precise. I particularly like using this script with “beachy” styles and colors! Thanks for sharing this fun style, Lindsey!

  2. Dorothea Laurence

    Cocktail Casual is one of my favorite calligraphy styles and my favorite worksheet so far. What I love is that it helped me to develop a more sophisticated calligraphy style for my projects. I love to weave calligraphy into illustration projects and not every calligraphy font is “flexible” enough to be placed within an illustration. Cocktail Casual is perfect for that. I sometimes just use elements of this style or develop it into something that fits my needs. Cocktail Casual is classy and flexible enough to be used as inspiration or as a template in various ways. Love it! I’d love to see more casual worksheets like this!

  3. Melanie Allen

    As usual. Lindsey has come up with a beautiful new calligraphy style. It’s so lovely to see a page styled in this manner, as it looks stylish, but fun too. Once I got the hang of it, I loved it. I think The Postman’s Knock is the best calligraphy company. I’ve learned all the way through my calligraphy journey with Lindsey, and own many of her tutorials. It’s the site I would definitely recommend to beginners and intermediates alike. Her pricing is available to most people I think, as it’s always been very fair. She gives you a lot for very little money. I also love the fact,I can keep all of my bought products in one place so it’s easy to go over styles I have learnt in the past, which I do frequently to remind me of a particular style. Thank you Lindsey and the team!

  4. celticpeasant

    I love all of Lindsey’s Calligraphy Worksheets so much and this one was no exception. I thought it would be really hard, but the worksheets make it so easy to get the hang of. I find Lindsey to be the best calligraphy teacher on the web. Her teaching videos and worksheets are so relaxing and fun!

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