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  1. Alicia Soon

    Lovely creative templates, generously shared! Thank you!

  2. Joan Concilio

    I have been wanting to decorate envelopes for quite a while now, but was always too nervous to get started. I printed this, slid it inside my envelope and laid it on a flat light source and traced, then colored. From there, I progressed to just tracing the basic shapes, then filling in the rest on my own, and now I can create envelopes in this style entirely freehand. I’m thrilled!

  3. Bonnie

    I look forward to using this! Thank you!

  4. Shirley Salado

    So excited I located this typography mail art template! Read to get started!

  5. Serafia Stewart

    Loved this tutorial! Can’t wait to use it…

  6. csbwsbjunkmail

    I love this and used it to send letters to my son in bootcamp. His envelopes were passed around, each taking their time to stare. They were asking how I did that when I got to meet them. I just told them a lot of time went into them. My secret is still safe, but THANKS LINDSEY!!

  7. Kathy

    Thanks !

  8. mocobb

    Thank you! Excited to try doing an envelope. Thanks you maybe it will help give me some confidence to try something other than just practicing writing my letters.

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