The digital edition of this printable wedding planner may be filled out on your computer using your PDF reader. Both editions contain:

※ WEDDING MASTER CHECKLIST – 5 pages to keep you on a good timeline.
※ WEDDING GOAL LIST (+ Achievement Plans) – Don’t want to forget to learn to ballroom dance before the wedding? Write it down here.
※ CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUES: QUESTIONS TO ASK* – All the questions you should ask your venue(s) — some of which will surprise you!
※ DIY (AT HOME) CEREMONY & RECEPTION LOCATIONS: QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF – So you can be sure that you are equipped to handle the event on your property, legally and logistically.
※ CATERING COMPANIES: QUESTIONS TO ASK* – A worksheet of helpful information to fill out when you speak to potential caterers.
※ QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT THE CAKE* – Because of course you need to know your filling choices!
※ FLORAL DESIGNERS: QUESTIONS TO ASK* – All the questions you should be asking a florist before you decide whether to work with them.
※ DEEJAYS: QUESTIONS TO ASK*- Did you know that some deejays require a meal at the wedding? Ask this and the other questions on this worksheet.
※ MUSIC PLANNER – So you can ensure the correct songs are played during the ceremony.
※ THE PHOTOGRAPHER: QUESTIONS TO ASK* – Get to know your photographer’s style + policies before sealing the deal.
※ LIST OF MUST-HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS – To be given to the photographer.
※ BUDGET & EXPENSE TRACKER – So you can stay on top of it.
※ BRIDESMAID MEASUREMENTS – So their dresses look incredible.
※ GROOMSMEN MEASUREMENTS – So they are dashing in their tuxes.
※ WEDDING INVITATION WORDING – Etiquette and practical information to help you say what you need to say.
※ ENVELOPE ETIQUETTE – A reference for correctly addressing envelopes and giving invitees the proper titles.
※ OUR WEDDING WEBSITE – A guide to help you create content for your wedding website.
※ GUEST LIST DECISION HELPER – A great flow chart resource for when you’re on the fence!
※ GUEST ADDRESSES – With checkmarks to keep track of whether save the dates and invitations have been sent, and radio boxes for RSVP yes or no.
※ SEATING PLANNER – So you can get everyone to where they need to be.
※ DIY PROJECT PLAN – Going to DIY your flowers? How about make your own cake? Here’s the place to plan it out.
※ TEAR DOWN: THE POST-WEDDING PLAN – To ensure you (or, hopefully, your minions) are organized after the event.
※ GIFT & THANK YOU TRACKER – To help you in your thanks-giving endeavors after the wedding.
※ GENERAL NOTES – In case your thought doesn’t fit anywhere else.

* “QUESTIONS TO ASK” worksheets have also been provided as separate files in the digital folder. They can be emailed straight to the entity you are considering so they can fill them out directly and email them back to you, if you wish.

The following pages are exclusive to the printable edition:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! This printable wedding planner was a true labor of love (I hand-drew the font and illustrations used in it!), and it will help you immeasurably in your wedding planning endeavors.

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    Beautiful and very helpful.

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