Note that this pen is for right-handed users. Left-handed Brause EF66 oblique pens are available upon request for $40; email me at [email protected] if you’d like to place an order for one.

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Weight 2 oz
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Wooden Pen, "Pretty in Pink" Resin Pen

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  1. Chelsae M.

    This is such a beautiful pen! I love it. Can’t wait to get acquainted with it. 🙂

  2. Giselle Rosier

    This is the first oblique pen that I ever used and I’m so glad I tried it! I was intimidated to try an oblique but with this design and Lindsey’s instructions it was a joy to use!

  3. mariarazai

    I bought several oblique pens, love all of them!!

  4. Stacy

    I bought one of these oblique pens in the “imperfect” pen sale. I couldn’t even tell that it was had the slightest flaw! So happy to finally have a holder for the EF 66 nib that I had bought on a whim! I was using the nib in a straight holder previously and didn’t like how writing with it felt, but this pen for TPK is so beautiful and I now enjoy writing with the EF66 nib. So glad to have been able to snag one on sale!

  5. cinderellamela

    I purchased an “imperfect” pen which has the slightest flaw, at a discounted price. It is absolutely beautiful and works so well with the EF66 nib. Best calligraphy purchase!

  6. Debbie K.

    I recently received an imperfect oblique pen so I could try one out. I’m left handed and tried the right oblique. Great buy and although imperfect it was well worth it. Thanks Lindsey!

  7. Erin Song

    Beautiful pen! I bought an “imperfect” version and can hardly tell!

  8. Jennifer Anderson

    This is my favorite pen to write with! I love the design, the feel of the wood in my hand, and the nibs are easy to slide in and out. It is always a job to write with one of Lindsey’s oblique pens.

    Thank you for making them available!

  9. Gilles Caron

    I received mine today with two EF66 nibs to go with it and I felt in love right away… I used to do some wood carving and some wood turning a few years ago and I love wood. And this pen is perfect. I have a few straight ones that are just ordinary and used them and some fountain pens to practice a bit of calligraphy but also mostly to write notes in notebooks. But combined with a EF66 nib this pen is a joy to use. The nib is the best one I ever tried for calligraphy and is a charm to use (thanks for suggesting it). It fits perfectly well in my hand and will help me to stay motivated to learn calligraphy and practice regularly.

  10. Karly

    I purchased one of these (an imperfect version – though I still can’t find anything wrong with it!) & it is just the right fit and grip for my favorite nib. The wood is lightweight but still heavy enough to provide good balance while writing (better than plastic). It looks so pretty, too!

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