Though this calligraphy nib tin features a push top design, I find it easiest to open the tin with a twisting movement.

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Weight 0.6 oz

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  1. Debbie

    Containers, storage and cuteness… all my favorites! I love these little and practical tins that I received as a recent Christmas gift!

  2. Jenny Zhou

    This adorable tiny tin is the perfect container for my nibs.

  3. mzgeorg

    I love this little nibs holder. It keeps everything in one place.

  4. Meagan Eishen

    I LOVE this nib tin. It’s so lightweight, fits all of my nibs perfectly and makes traveling with my supplies SO much easier. Fingers crossed for another design so that I can store all of my “to-be-used” nibs in them, too, so I can carry extras in case I need to prepare them on the fly!

  5. attack_puppy

    This is such a cute little tin for storing nibs. I was previously using a small glass ink jar to store mine, but I like the tin better since I don’t have to dump all of the nibs out to find the one I want. There is also plenty of room inside to add a small silica gel packet to collect any moisture if you live in a humid area. The tin is also quite compact and great for traveling.

  6. Jacqueline Bunge

    I absolutely love this tin! I use it for my extra/new nibs…I have two of these and use them as storage. I will be buying more to help organize my different nib styles.

  7. Sarita

    Absolutely love this little tin. Now I have a safe place to store my nibs, I usually leave it open on my desk so I could drop my nibs in them instead of having them lost on my desk. Especially love the calligraphy on the front so I know exactly what’s in my tin.

  8. Iris

    This little tin is really cute. I fitted it with a magnetic sheet to securely hold the nibs in place. It’s perfect for travelling: no weight to speak of, barely takes up space, and my nibs are safe.

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