Don’t let the shiny finish fool you — these pens have a wooden core!

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. Debbie

    While new at this delightful art form, I’m excited to use this lovely pen with my new nibs. Such a pretty color!

  2. Kim

    After accidentally buying a pen that had specific insert for a specific manufacturer’s nibs, I was so glad to get this pen with a universal insert! I am left handed and need a straight pen, do I was happy to find a pretty and affordable here on my favorite calligraphy bloggers supply shop. It’s smooth and comfortable to use so now I’m getting more practice in! Thank you TPK!

  3. Emily

    I use this pen for ink drawings all the time. I like it’s lightweight and smooth feel, and the color always makes me smile!

  4. A

    Great pen. Easy to use and stylish. Mine had an unexpected issue but Lindsey was so helpful in trying to troubleshoot and sent me another one in the meantime.

  5. Viki Clark

    I am just starting my calligraphy journey and ordered this pen as a beginner. It fits my hand perfectly! I’m thrilled because I have a hard time using chunkier pens. I can’t wait to start Lindsey’s course and, hopefully, become the artist I’m sure is lurking inside. She makes it look so easy!

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