TPK’s Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course is an incredible investment for a watercolor beginner. You’ll start with basic foundational skills (blending/mixing), then you’ll move on to intermediate concepts like contouring. By the end of the course, you’ll be creating portraits of subjects like buildings and people! After searching far and wide, I’m convinced that this is the most comprehensive watercolor course available online. Once you finish the course, you’ll have the knowledge to paint anything you want.

Once you enroll, if you think you might enjoy sharing your progress with others and seeing other students’ work, you can join The Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course Students Facebook group. This is a vibrant group of learners who I’m proud to call my students!

This course is divided into nine lessons, and I recommend finishing it in one to three months. Here’s the course layout, including video durations (minutes/seconds):

Lesson 1: Watercolor Basics and Supplies

Video 1: What are Watercolors? (11:39)
Video 2: Supplies (9:52)
Video 3: Pen and Nib Assembly (3:41)
10 question quiz

Lesson 2: Foundational Blending Skills

Video 1: How to Make a Color Chart (19:56)
Video 2: Basic Brush Use + Wet Blending (19:05)
Video 3: Blending Multiple Colors + Dry Blending (20:29)
8 question quiz

Lesson 3: Patterns and Simple Paintings

Video 1: Painting Simple Patterns (14:34)
Video 2: Loose Lavender Painting (15:21)
Video 3: Night Sky Painting (29:35)
7 question quiz

Lesson 4: Contouring

Video 1: How to Contour a Sphere (22:16)
Video 2: How to Contour a Cone (20:30)
Video 3: How to Contour a Cylinder (14:29)
Video 4: How to Contour a Cube (26:57)
6 question quiz

Lesson 5: Painting a Peony

Video: Painting a Peony (1:07:47)
5 question quiz

Lesson 6: Painting a Butterfly

Video: Painting a Butterfly (46:58)
4 question quiz

Lesson 7: Painting Architectural Subjects

Video: Painting Architectural Subjects (1:13:58)
5 question quiz

Lesson 8: Painting People

Video: Painting People (2:07:09)
4 question quiz

Lesson 9: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way

Video: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way (11:08)
No quiz; this lesson offers the option to upload photos of your work for a complimentary critique.

23 reviews

  1. Dorothy F

    I had been following Lindsay’s blog for a while and loved her tutorials. I’ve always been terrified of watercolours but when I saw that Lindsay was offering an introductory course I decided to take the plunge. Being able to watch the videos and follow along the videos is a wonderful teaching method. It meant that I could take it at my own pace working around my schedule. I would pause frequently during the videos and back up so that I was ‘working with Lindsay’ at my speed. It’s been a great experience and my confidence has increased greatly. Breaking everything down into smaller steps with a quiz at the end of each lesson was an excellent format. The FB group is an added bonus to share our progress and support each other. I highly recommend this course, it is a bargain for the price, and I will always be grateful for Lindsay for making a course that helped me so much. I no longer fear watercolours and am excited to work with the medium regularly in the future.

  2. Andrea Lakly

    Wow! This course helped me to create watercolor paintings that I had NEVER dreamed I could make! Lindsey makes everything very approachable, as usual. I really learned quite a lot from the basic lessons about shape, color, and shadow. Soon, Lindsey had me layering colors together to create a beautiful flower that just jumped off the page. As the course progressed, I painted buildings, and even a portrait of a person! With the skills that Lindsey taught me, I was able to paint a picture of the home in which my husband and I were married, and then I was even able to paint a portrait of my own beloved dog. I never thought I would be the kind of person who could do any of this, so I think anyone who is even a little interested should give it a try.

  3. Michelle

    This course is comprehensive yet completely manageable. I’m a complete beginner yet I really feel like I produce lovely things- almost right away! Lindsey’s style is clear, professional, and completely approachable. I look forward to working my way through the course again. My family enjoys my little bits of art too, what a thrill to be included in the world of artists after being a bystander for so long. Thank you, Lindsey for getting me started. Also, it’s really a treat to be able to get the materials through The Postman’s Knock if assembling them is too much to do on one’s own. I cannot recommend this course highly enough! (And the Facebook group is the cherry on top- thank you for organizing that too!)

  4. jcpautler

    This is a super fun course to do. Lindsey is very easy to follow along with and she is very calming to listen to. She actually makes me feel like “yes, I can do this!”. Learning the basics will make it easier to venture out and expand what I have learned. It’s always the fundamentals that allows one to accomplish anything and this course is a good start! Thank you!

  5. Jean Kennedy Hubler

    I learned so much. It taught me how to attend to small details, encouraged me to use my drawing, and showed me the best shading techniques. Not only did I learn a lot but ,Lindsey mentioned a journal made in Detroit that is the best multimedia journal ever. I had fun too. Try it. You’ll love it.

  6. Maggie

    This course was wonderful! I’ve been interested in watercolors for years but could never figure out exactly where to start. Lindsey’s course covers all of the basics then moves you step by step through fun projects to learn the other fundamentals. My mother and I both purchased this course to do together and have been incredibly impressed.

  7. katcoups12

    This course introduced me to so many concepts for watercolor painting. I’ve watched other artists on youtube, and Lindsey is by far the most thorough and thoughtful about her choice of lessons, skills to learn, and progression from easy to more detailed/challenging. I’m beginning to find my own style, which is a little looser, and the variety of topics helped me to understand that.

  8. Dora Cagnetto

    I am so thrilled to be taking this watercolor painting course. I am taking my time with the videos and have now completed the painting a peony session. This course is absolutely phenomenal. I am a complete novice and am now painting flowers and adding them to gift cards, bookmarks, and notecards. Lindsey is a excellent instructor and conveys every step in a simple and understandable way. I have rewatched the beginning videos and am looking forward to painting the butterfly, buildings, and people! Adding watercolor to calligraphy projects provides such a beautiful dimension to everything from greeting cards, posters (I love the illuminated letters and have made several as gifts), bookmarks, notes, and so much more. This is truly a class worth taking, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before!

  9. Madalyn Shatzer

    I enjoyed this course immensely! Progressing through the lessons, I felt my confidence increase, and I now feel ready to create my own works of art! Lindsey is an excellent teacher, and breaks down the process into simple steps so that you’re not overwhelmed. I like the fact that I can always go back and review lessons if there’s a need to do so. I also enjoyed being part of the Facebook group, for the positive feedback and the inspiring photos of fellow students. Thanks for creating this class, Lindsey!

  10. Jennifer Legate

    This course broke down the technical details of watercolor in a way that’s easy to understand and takes the beginning watercolor artist through everything from basic drills and practice to painting a complexly-layered, lovely portrait. I produced several watercolor pieces I’m proud of, and I plan to go through the videos again whenever I feel I need to practice a technique or refresh my memory. I hope Lindsey will come out with an intermediate course in the future. (hint, hint!)

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