TPK’s Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course is an incredible investment for a watercolor beginner. You’ll start with basic foundational skills (blending/mixing), then you’ll move on to intermediate concepts like contouring. By the end of the course, you’ll be creating portraits of subjects like buildings and people! After searching far and wide, I’m convinced that this is the most comprehensive watercolor course available online. Once you finish the course, you’ll have the knowledge to paint anything you want.

Once you enroll, if you think you might enjoy sharing your progress with others and seeing other students’ work, you can join The Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course Students Facebook group. This is a vibrant group of learners who I’m proud to call my students!

This course is divided into nine lessons, and I recommend finishing it in one to three months. Here’s the course layout, including video durations (minutes/seconds):

Lesson 1: Watercolor Basics and Supplies

Video 1: What are Watercolors? (11:39)
Video 2: Supplies (9:52)
Video 3: Pen and Nib Assembly (3:41)
10 question quiz

Lesson 2: Foundational Blending Skills

Video 1: How to Make a Color Chart (19:56)
Video 2: Basic Brush Use + Wet Blending (19:05)
Video 3: Blending Multiple Colors + Dry Blending (20:29)
8 question quiz

Lesson 3: Patterns and Simple Paintings

Video 1: Painting Simple Patterns (14:34)
Video 2: Loose Lavender Painting (15:21)
Video 3: Night Sky Painting (29:35)
7 question quiz

Lesson 4: Contouring

Video 1: How to Contour a Sphere (22:16)
Video 2: How to Contour a Cone (20:30)
Video 3: How to Contour a Cylinder (14:29)
Video 4: How to Contour a Cube (26:57)
6 question quiz

Lesson 5: Painting a Peony

Video: Painting a Peony (1:07:47)
5 question quiz

Lesson 6: Painting a Butterfly

Video: Painting a Butterfly (46:58)
4 question quiz

Lesson 7: Painting Architectural Subjects

Video: Painting Architectural Subjects (1:13:58)
5 question quiz

Lesson 8: Painting People

Video: Painting People (2:07:09)
4 question quiz

Lesson 9: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way

Video: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way (11:08)
No quiz; this lesson offers the option to upload photos of your work for a complimentary critique.

27 reviews

  1. Michelle

    Not a penny nor a minute wasted! It has been a joy to take my time with Lindsay and learn under her patient and paced guidance. And it’s so fun when your work turns out well! Do It! Mw

  2. Margaret Trytek

    This has been a lot of fun to go through. I appreciated each project that we made knowing that I will use it in the future, I look forward to painting my Christmas cactus when it blooms using the same knowledge that I got when I painted the peony. I’m making a card for my dad using the same technique that I learned from the starry sky picture. I look forward to drawing anime characters which, praise the Lord, have much simpler face coloring. It was also good practice drawing the pictures from my computer learning how to accurately see and copy that image. In summary, I look forward to continuing on in my watercoloring having these new skills in my tool belt.

  3. Sunshyne Croucher

    I so enjoyed this course and learned so much about watercolor painting. The course was very well thought out and supported me with all of the basics at a level that was perfect for me. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning about watercolor painting. Lindsay is so kind and patient and loves teaching. She shares so much of herself and willing gives away free tutorials regularly. Lindsay is my hero, creating such beauty in the world. Thank you kindly for all of the things you share and all that you give of yourself.

  4. Barb O’Connor

    I love how Lindsey makes me feel like I’m really there. She brings me into her home with just enough technical info. And it’s great that I can go back to the lessons. Thank you so much.

  5. Gail Louise Dine

    I began following Lindsey because I was interested in calligraphy….. hadn’t done any for years!!!
    Several of her calligraphy tutorials included some water colour and that was something I wanted to try…
    Well Lindsey EXCELS !!!!
    Teaching, topics, attitude, response to questions, explanation, TOTALLY amazing!!!
    Thanks Lindsey, I’ve started to work on the water colour map again and hope to complete that in the near future….
    The Postman’s Knock offers such good value for money, (even for my Aussie Dollar exchange)
    The ease of being able to pick up a course and start or continue, or return to, is a huge benefit.
    I love being able to go through what’s in my library of TPK and find ideas and get inspired,,,,
    Thanks a million Lindsey 🌷

  6. Steven Cowling

    I have been trying to learn watercolor painting by reading books. It wasn’t working very well for me so I decided to try this video course. I am still working on the course but so far it has been great! Lindsey’s instructions are easy to follow and I find myself producing paintings that are far and away better than what I thought I could do. I particularly like the video course format because I can pause the video to catch up when I’m following along or replay it entirely to clarify points I may have missed the first time. I recommend this course to anyone who needs a little help getting started. When I finish this one, I will be looking for other courses from Lindsey.

  7. Jennifer Anderson

    This is a class I’ve been waiting for …. for years and it was worth the wait! I’ve taken other watercolor classes before, but none of them have ever resonated with me like Lindsey’s do. While I’m not particularly skilled at drawing, I’m much more comfortable watercoloring WITH an outline than without. Lindsey teaches you how to do both in a very calm, positive, encouraging, and cheerful manner.
    Lindsey is a natural teacher and is very skilled at explaining things that I expect to be really hard and scary. I love that I can also go back at any time and re-watch any or all of a video to refresh my memory.

    I’ve taken several of Lindsey’s classes and they are all wonderful and would (and do) recommend them to my friends and family! If you are even a little bit hesitant, don’t be. Lindsey walks you through all you need to know from very beginner to impressive projects. I highly recommend this course and eagerly await her next one!

  8. isabella.lari

    I’m enjoying this course so much! I already had some watercolor courses so I’m not a complete beginner, but I really appreciate the way that Lindsey has to go deep and show you every detail in a very precise and calm way. Moreover, I never feel under pressure, and anyone can go at his own pace.
    I arrived here because of some nice calligraphy tutorials, and I was impressed by the huge amount of tutorials that TPK offers. And the best part is that literally anyone can find something to do and have a large satisfaction. This course is giving me a lot in terms of fun, experience and practice, and I would go on with further tutorials if they will come one day. Highly recommended!

  9. Adrienne Abbott

    I really loved this course. It ranges from the basics (which I really needed!) to doing something as complicated as a house and even a portrait – things I never thought I’d be able to do, but she made them doable. I love her laid back teaching style – like she is a friend sitting in your living room teaching you how to use watercolors over a cup of coffee. It’s just so calming and comfortable, yet packed with some really great information that one can easily transfer to other projects.
    I too would be all over an intermediate course! Thank you Lindsey!

  10. Alice P.

    Love this course! I initially started to follow Lindsey’s course for calligraphy, but then, seeing all the beautiful projects that included a bit of watercolors I decided to give it a go as well, thinking might be a good extra set of skills. My free hand drawing is OK, but I haven’t been doing anything of that sort for years, and I had never been into painting in general, as an adult. Needless to say, I was very intimidated going in, and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to create some of the more realistic projects. Well, I was wrong, and as Lindsey says in the course, it’s really not as hard as it looks, as long as you understand how light and color works, and how to blend properly! Thanks to her detailed and thoughtful explanations, I was able to follow Lindsey to create some amazing project. I’m pretty impressed with how far I’ve gotten after only 4 lessons.
    I also appreciate that the material is so comprehensive, but she still encourages you to be flexible, experiment, and do your own thing! That way, you always have something to fall back on if you get lost, but at the same time you have the tools to be creative and explore. Finally, it’s totally ok to start the course with other supplies than those recommended. I didn’t have the budget for a 24 colors palette, so I got a smaller one of the same brand at my local art store, and it works perfectly fine for the course.
    Long story short, I’d definitely recommend this course for anyone who is a complete beginner or has some basics but lacks the confidence to start on their own.

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