About This Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet

TPK’s 2020 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet is all about flourishes and festivity! This workbook comes to you as one 19 page PDF file, and it includes detailed instructions and exercises over how to write the following:

    • “All is Calm / All is Bright” flourished calligraphy
    • “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” flourished calligraphy
    • “Cheers to a Wonderful Winter Solstice” flourished calligraphy
    • “And a Partridge in a Pear Tree” flourished calligraphy
    • “Wishing You Love & Light This Hanukkah” flourished calligraphy
    • Flourished reindeer artwork
    • Three bonus crosshatched ornaments illustration tutorials

It is best to print the worksheet on 32# laserjet paper. This paper works beautifully with dip pens, and is my practice paper of choice!

Limited Edition

This item is only available in the TPK catalog through December 26, 2023. However, it will reappear for the 2024 holiday season!

15 reviews

  1. ariesb218

    These worksheets were a blast. Something I will reference for years to come! I used different parts for making personalized christmas cards and other holiday projects. I got so many compliments!! None of which would have been possible without Lindsey’s amazing worksheets and step by step tutorials. Combine that with guidelines and tips/tricks, this worksheet makes anyone feel like they can create a beautiful work of art!

  2. Liz Silvio

    I use these on my iPad and I am enjoying them immensely! Thank you for creating such fun worksheets!

  3. Sana

    Lindsay outdid herself again with another wonderful holiday worksheet. I love the reindeer and all of the other projects in this worksheet. Sometimes I made holiday cards following the worksheet exactly and other times I use elements from one or two designs together. I buy the holiday worksheet every year and this is definitely worth it!

  4. Kristina

    I binged and bought all of the Holiday Worksheets at once. I’ve been going to town mixing and matching things from all of them. I especially love the stag. I’ve been making him using my arabic gold finetec watercolor paint on dark brown paper. It’s so gorgeous!

  5. quierocoloresdevida

    I am enjoying and learning a lot with these guides, they are a great resource to improve my handwriting

  6. Alicia

    I bought this and love it! It’s easy to follow and do even if you aren’t great at drawing.

  7. Annie Tasker

    I love these Holiday worksheets. I use them every year to turn my Christmas Cards into mail art

  8. Candace Hogue

    Love the penmanship

  9. Chrissie

    All of Lindsey’s “Not Your Average…” drill worksheets are fantastic. They’re beautifully designed and lots of fun to complete. I find them especially useful when I’m trying out an unfamiliar nib. Filling in the small drills really helps to figure out how much pressure to use and how to keep the pressure even on both tines of the nib.

  10. Amy White

    Beautiful worksheets. I especially love the stag. It’s so striking!

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