About This Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet

TPK’s 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet celebrates joyful motifs to help you create beautiful paper goods! This worksheet comes to you as one 24 page PDF file, and it includes detailed instructions and exercises over how to write the following:

    • Unraveled Ornament
    • Vintage Ornament
    • Double Flourishes Ornament
    • “Dashing Through the Snow” Calligraphy
    • “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Calligraphy
    • “Bah! Humbug” Calligraphy
    • Pointed Pen Wreath Instructions
    • Embellished Holly “Merry Christmas” Hand Lettering Instructions

It is best to print the worksheet on 32# laserjet paper. This paper works beautifully with dip pens, and is my practice paper of choice!

Want to Use This Worksheet in Procreate?

See this tutorial for instructions on how to use this file to create calligraphy on your iPad.

Limited Edition

This item is only available in the TPK catalog through December 26, 2023. However, it will reappear for the 2024 holiday season!


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