This self-paced Watercolor Illustrated Maps 101 eCourse will teach you how to make an eye-catching artistic map of Paris, France! You can then use the knowledge you gain in this course to make maps for pleasure, take commissions, or sell your creations.


In order to create this map, I recommend:

  • Basic knowledge of how to use a dip pen (learn here)
  • Knowledge of how to use a program that will allow you to re-size images, like Photoshop or Microsoft Word

Necessary Supplies

You’ll need a few basic supplies in order to create this map. They are: watercolor paper, a pencil, Photoshop (or other software), printer, light box (optional), a dip pen + ink, and watercolors. See this document from the course PDF for details!

Note that you do not need extensive knowledge of how to create illustrations in order to take the course. I’ll teach you how to use a shortcut tracing technique in order to draw accurate landmarks! I’ll also walk you through how to use watercolors, including blending and shading techniques.

Watercolor Illustrated Maps 101 Course Layout

  • Lesson 1: Supplies + Draft
    • Video 1: Introduction and Supplies (3 minutes)
    • Video 2: Making a Digital Draft (9 minutes)
    • Video 3: Making a Pencil Draft (24 minutes)
    • Video 4: Adding Detail to Your Pencil Draft (15 minutes)
  • Lesson 2: Adding Ink
    • Video 1: Adding Ink -Part I (24 minutes)
    • Video 2: Adding Ink – Part II (25 minutes)
  • Lesson 3: Adding Watercolor to Landmarks
    • Video 1: Adding Watercolor to Landmarks – Part I (29 minutes)
    • Video 2: Adding Watercolor to Landmarks – Part II (17 minutes)
  • Lesson 4: The Big, Bad Background
    • Video 1: The bottom half of the background (40 minutes)
    • Video 2: The top half of the background (40 minutes)
    • Video 3: Evaluating the Map from a Distance (2 minutes)
    • Video 4: Adding the Finishing Touches (26 minutes)
  • Lesson 5: Digitizing the Map
    • Video 1: Digitizing Your Map Using Photoshop (10 minutes)

The total viewing time for this course is approximately four hours, but I’d recommend allocating at least two weeks to complete the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos and PDF! Please note that you must have an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account.

54 reviews

  1. Kim Grandbois

    This class was so easy to follow. Lindsey doesn’t skip over details, she explains everything thoroughly so you are set up to succeed! Creating my own map was great fun and made a beautiful gift. I’m looking forward to trying another.

  2. thedemonlawyer

    This is a great course and excellent value. Proceed at your own pace and learn some great skills as you go along. Thank you for this.

  3. alisa1000

    Really nice course with good explanation.

  4. westfield523

    Great course and excellent presentation. I couldn’t envision how to get from a blank piece of paper to a finished map, but Lindsey breaks down the process into manageable steps that are easy to follow. After completing the Paris map, I made a different one as a gift — I just followed the steps again with local images and it worked! Already thinking ahead to other possibilities… thanks, Lindsey!

  5. Carol Thompson

    This is an amazingly detailed course designed so anyone can create a map no matter what their skill level. It’s worth every penny. I highly recommend this tutorial!

  6. Claudia

    So, so good. Detailed instructions and easy to follow and the way Lindsey teaches is so relaxing for me. And it was so much fun. Ziller Ink in on it’s way so that I can start without messing up with the watercolor.

  7. Sally

    This is the BEST course at a very affordable price! Lindsey takes you through the process of making a watercolor map step by step. I highly recommend it.

  8. Jennifer Anderson

    I’m still working through this class, but it is absolutely so much fun! I love this one and I was really intimidated by the whole idea. I completely agree with the previous reviews! Lindsey is a fabulous teacher and really addresses so many questions. I have taken a number of her courses and have never been disappointed! If you are even considering this course, just do it!! You’ll have a great time and be amazed at what you can create!

  9. fpilot

    I totally agree with what Blaire (see previous review) has said – this class was so much fun! The detailed instructions are so easy to follow, that I too, have created an amazing map! What I particularly love about this course is that the skills are transferable to any other map, and that’s invaluable. I love LIndsey’s easy casual style. Despite her skill with watercolour, she makes it manageable for me to do as well. If you want a fun project to do in this time of self isolation at home, this is the one to do! Thank you so much Lindsey for all the work you have put into this.

  10. Blaire Ferguson

    This was SUCH a fun class — and I created a gorgeous map that I can’t believe I did myself! Lindsey gives super straightforward instructions, and you can work at your own pace. Further, the skills you learn can be applied to any map of your choosing. She recommends Ziller ink, and although my Moon Palace ink says it dries waterproof, it really doesn’t. Therefore, I’ve ordered the Ziller for my next map, because I do plan to make more! Thank you, Lindsey!

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