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  1. latanyambcarr

    I absolutely LOOOOVE this pencil!!!!! I’ve fallen in love with calligraphy on dark material and this mechanical pencil makes it super easy to place grid lines and plot spacing so that my calligraphy looks great! Plus, it doesn’t leave a trace of white pencil markings behind!!! So glad you recommended this in one of your blogs/videos and you sell it here.

  2. Jessica

    This is so helpful for dark envelopes. Good quality.

  3. Lakshmi Gopal

    I bought this after seeing your launch in instagram. This is is very ideal for coloured paper. I use this for envelopes.

  4. Francis Otarola

    I love this pencil. I don’t know how I managed before! It is great in conjunction with the black eraser. My guidelines on dark paper completely vanish now.

  5. Christel

    Must admit that I thought an ordinary white pencil would also do, but was wrong. Great pencil, fine lines, erases easily, love the design.

  6. Mary

    Such a game changer when working with dark paper. Erases without a trace. I wish I had known about this long ago!

  7. martine-1542

    Definitely a must have for any colored papers, erases with no trace and because of the lead being fine it allows for delicate designs like the one in the Floral lace illustration tutorial. I highly recommend it. And the pen is pretty 🙂

  8. Shannon zeman

    This is a MUST HAVE for dark paper, and in erases easily, love that!!

  9. Alexa

    This shows up very clearly on darker colored papers and writes similarly to chalk.

  10. Heather

    Great tool for dark paper and erases easily!

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