• Celebrating Independence Day with Drills + a Freebie

    TPK’s new collection of calligraphy drills is here to add festive flair to your practice sessions! Through July 4th, you can use these drills to hone your skills while embracing the spirit of Independence Day. Get the printable version, the Procreate version, or the free basic worksheet.

    Calligraphy practice gets a festive makeover in this 17-page calligraphy drills worksheet set!
    TPK’s Independence Day Calligraphy Drills were designed to make calligraphy practice enjoyable and festive.

    In rural Kansas, where I grew up, the build-up to Independence Day starts in late May. There aren’t any firework restrictions, so seasonal entrepreneurs armed with black cats and sparklers set up shop along the highways and in parking lots. Rural Kansans love the 4th of July. Since I haven’t lived in Kansas for a while now*, I’ve channeled my Independence Day love into something creative and relaxing: Limited Edition Independence Day Calligraphy Drills.

    *I’ve lived in Boulder, Colorado, since 2011. Wildfires are a serious concern here, so the fireworks scene is non-existent.

    4th of July-themed firework calligraphy medallion
    Who needs real fireworks when your calligraphy can spark just as much joy without the danger?

    About TPK’s Calligraphy Drill Philosophy

    Calligraphy drills can feel like the pointed pen equivalent of starting off a workout with 10 burpees. They seemed boring and tedious, so I used to avoid doing them — which definitely hampered my calligraphy progress. At a certain point, though, it dawned on me: calligraphy drills don’t have to be the burpees of the calligraphy world. As long as you’re making a variety of strokes, anything can be a calligraphy drill.

    Independence Day-themed pointed pen calligraphy drills

    Any calligrapher will tell you that calligraphy drills are important regardless of your skill level. Every single time you pick up that pointed pen, you’re improving your technique. For beginner calligraphers, committing entire practice sessions to drills is extremely beneficial. Experienced calligraphers might either spend the whole session on drills or use them as a quick warm-up routine.

    You'll finish up by creating an elegant and commanding Lady Liberty.

    I like to design drills for you that can be used on greeting cards, sketchbook pages, handmade gift tags, etc. My philosophy is that drills should be both enjoyable and productive. That’s why I like to keep things fresh with both festive holiday-themed worksheets and the core Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills worksheet collection.

    About the Independence Day Calligraphy Drills

    Independence Day-themed calligraphy drills worksheet
    This limited edition worksheet will disappear from the TPK Catalog on July 4th.

    TPK’s new Independence Day Calligraphy Drills worksheet is a limited edition resource. It will disappear from the Digital Catalog this July 4th, and $7 early bird pricing is available through Thursday, when the price will increase to $8.

    4th of July-themed pointed pen calligraphy drills with a Nikko G oblique pen
    These simple slanted drills will prepare you for more intricate exercises.

    This is a premium resource, with plenty of details and traceable practice, including:

    • Simple Slanted Drills (like “Drumstick” and “Bayonets”)
    • Square Drills (like “Flag Waves”, “Liberty Bell”, and “Star”)
    • Firework Calligraphy Medallion tutorial + traceable practice exercises
    • Flourished “Yankee Doodle” Quote tutorial + traceable practice exercises
    • Embellished Bald Eagle tutorial + traceable practice exercises
    • Flourished Lady Liberty tutorial + traceable practice exercises
    Independence Day-themed firework calligraphy medallion drill
    This firework calligraphy medallion is one of my favorite drills in the pack! You can use it to make greeting cards and decorations for Independence Day gatherings.

    For best results, print your drills on a calligraphy-friendly paper such as 32# laserjet. Then, fill them out using your favorite pen/nib/ink combination. Feel free to print out certain exercises as many times as you want to in order to get the most out of your practice!

    Procreate (iPad) Version

    For those who prefer to create calligraphy on an iPad, there’s a Procreate version of this worksheet available! It presents all of the pages as neat layers, which you can hide and summon at your convenience. Don’t forget to add a new layer for your own practice!

    The file comes to you in .procreate format, with conveniently built-in layers. Hide layers as you go in order to access certain pages, and don't forget to create your practice on a new layer.
    The Procreate version of this worksheet set is condensed into 14 practice-packed layers.

    If you’ve never practiced calligraphy on an iPad before, it can be a no-fuss way to practice your calligraphy. Many of the skills that you develop creating calligraphy on your iPad can be parlayed into actual pointed pen practice. Although the pen grip is different, you’ll be improving your control over pace, pen pressure, and patience.

    Free Basic Worksheet!

    For every paid printable that I make, I like to make sure that there’s a free version available. The Soaring Flourished Eagle Basic Drill serves as this free alternative. It’s a single-page resource featuring a basic traceable eagle and an outline for you to fill in yourself.

    This basic exercise is designed to help you master the art of flourishes while celebrating the grandeur of the American eagle. First, observe the eagle at the top. Then, trace over the eagle in the middle. Finally, try creating your own eagle at the bottom.
    For several pages of instructions and steps that break down the exact creation process to make this eagle (stroke order, stroke directions, and helpful tips), see TPK’s premium Independence Day Drills worksheet.

    Like its premium counterparts, the Soaring Flourished Eagle Basic Drill is available through July 4, 2024. You choose the version you prefer: printable, Procreate, or both!

    No matter where you’re based, and whether you officially celebrate the US Independence Day, I hope that you enjoy these new drills! During the worksheet’s soft release on Monday, I noticed orders coming in from New Zealand, India, and — yes — even the UK. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, and happy practicing!