• Back to School With Creative & Collected: An Assortment of Lifestyle Worksheets

    TPK’s Creative & Collected: An Assortment of Lifestyle Worksheets is a limited-edition resource that’s making its annual back to school return. Today, we’ll talk about what Creative & Collected is, how to use it, and the inspiration behind it.

    Creative & Collected: An Assortment of Lifestyle Worksheets

    For me, lists are a way of life. I rejoice at starting off my day with a neat little checklist. As the hours go by, I gleefully check off the boxes with a flourish of productive pride! And yet — there is something missing from my daily lists. For years, I haven’t sat down to make a bucket list or brainstorm anything beyond my daily tasks. That’s where Creative & Collected: An Assortment of Lifestyle Worksheets comes in. Today, we’ll talk about these new worksheets and why I appreciate having them around.

    What is Creative & Collected?

    Creative & Collected is a bundle of 31 hand-drawn, hand-calligraphed worksheets. These aren’t the boring worksheets you filled out in school: they’re inspirational, entertaining gems. For example, I filled out the “Book Bucket List” page yesterday, and I had a blast researching books and building a list!

    Try storing your Creative & Collected worksheets in a three ring binder. That way, the pages stay organized, all together, and easy to flip through.

    This collection has it all. A little bit of everything for your life. I love how easy it is to use and clear instruction. I have been watching and getting worksheets and supplies from TPK for a few years now. I always come back. – Charrie L.

    On September 1st, I’m excited to start filling out the “Work It Out” section. I love to exercise, but some months, I’m pretty spotty with my routine. (I blame two small kids and an overflowing figurative plate.) I notice, though, that when I keep track of my workout days, I’m more motivated to pick up my weights or hop on the Peloton for a quick ride.

    “Work It Out” is one of my favorite pages. It helps me brainstorm the movements I want to focus on in any given month, which gives me a strong start. I also really appreciate the motivation that the “daily check-in” provides!


    How to Use Creative & Collected

    Creative & Collected comes in either a PDF version or a Procreate (iPad) version. Once you’ve got the file, browse through it and print (or open) the pages that spark that “Oh! I want to fill that out!” feeling. Maybe not every single page will resonate with you right now, and that’s okay. You should fill out the pages that make you feel excited and invigorated — and there will be at least a handful of those.

    Creative & Collected Procreate Edition
    The “Social Media Cleanse” page will appeal more to some people than it does to others. This is a sample page, but I have to say that after watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, I am doing this cleanse for real.

    Some pages have a monthly theme, like the “Daily Mood Bouquet”. I’d start filling pages like that out September 1st. Others, like “Get to Know Me” or “Favorite Restaurants” don’t have a definite timeline. You just work on those pages when you’ve got the inclination!

    Feel free to fill out the worksheets with your favorite pens and color mediums. Remember: no embellishment is out of place! Washi tape, stickers, and/or doodles add fun flair.

    The Inspiration Behind This Project

    In early 2020, my assistant, Geni, brought over her bullet journals for me to look through (you can look through them, too). I felt incredibly inspired to start some version of a bullet journal right then and there.

    Snooping Inside a Bullet Journal - Ideas + Examples
    This is one of Geni’s bullet journal pages.

    After a couple of attempts to sit down and make my own bullet journal, reality set in. With a toddler tugging at my sleeve and TPK vying for the rest of my attention, I simply don’t have the time to make cool and inspiring pages from scratch. I know that many people have the same time deficit problem, so I asked Geni to help me solve it. At my request, she came up with a clever list of page concepts. Then, she spent three months making illustrations that brought those concepts to life.

    Geni Brant working in "Calm and Collected"
    This is Geneva (“Geni”) B., who developed the concepts and the illustrations for “Creative and Collected”.

    Once Geni finished the illustrations, I wrote calligraphy to complement them. I digitized everything in Photoshop, then put it all together in InDesign. The result? 31 artistic worksheets that give you a fabulous “my creative juices are flowing” feeling without demanding a ton of time.

    Organization Adrenaline

    Creative & Collected is a new type of worksheet here on TPK. Instead of teaching you something, it helps you to unlock the possibilities of the future, record the present, and ponder the past. A lot of us “creative types” love that opportunity for introspection. It will make you feel giddy to look through the blank worksheets, and choosing which worksheet to give your attention to first is a difficult but happy decision.

    "My Favorites This Month" page from "Creative and Collected"

    What I’m most proud about with Creative & Collected is its ability to save you time without compromising your creativity. Each page of this set provides you with helpful prompts, and it’s up to you to act on those prompts in your own artistic style.

    Limited Edition

    Creative & Collected Title Page

    Creative & Collected: An Assortment of Worksheets is a limited edition product that will disappear from the TPK Catalog on Wednesday, August 16th. Think of it as a special guest star among its calligraphy and lettering worksheet sisters.


    My Monthly Playlist

    You can find the printable edition of Creative & Collected by clicking here. If you prefer to use the worksheets on your iPad, you can find the Procreate edition by clicking here. I hope that you love this collection of worksheets as much as I do, and that you enjoy a fabulous start to the school year (whether you’re a student yourself or just young at heart). Happy planning and improving, and thanks very much for reading!


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