• DIY Mother’s Day Card Tutorial: Fabulous Filigree Leaves

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8th. If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare between now and then, consider making this gorgeous DIY Mother’s Day card for the mom(s) in your life! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to find a little Mother’s Day gift for yourself. 

    DIY Mother's Day Card Tutorial: Fabulous Filigree Leaves
    This DIY Mother’s Day card is simple, elegant, and perfect for any mom. I know that my mom will love it!

    My mom is all about simple elegance; her house features a black, white, and gold color scheme. (That’s why you’ll find this illustration and this illuminated letter prominently displayed in her living room!) With that in mind, I decided to make her a card that complements her aesthetic. I think every mom is elegant in her own way, which is why a lot of mothers will appreciate the motif on this year’s TPK Mother’s Day card tutorial.

    Fabulous Filigree Leaves DIY Mother’s Day Card: The Video Tutorial

    (FYI: You can find detailed instructions for drawing filigree leaves here.)

    Fabulous Filigree Leaves DIY Mother’s Day Card: The Written Tutorial

    In order to make this tutorial, you’ll need the following supplies: black cardstock, white pencil + black eraser, Arabic gold watercolor (+ water), straight pen + Nikko G nib

    1. Make a Pencil Draft

    To make this Mother’s Day card, you’ll begin by cutting a piece of black cardstock to 7″ x 10″, then fold it in half to get a 5″ x 7″ card. Next, use a white mechanical pencil to make a draft of a right-leaning branch with approximately ten leaves on it. Once you do that, use Sans Serif lettering to write “Mother’s Day” plus the year in the lower right corner. Feel free to add flourishes to your lettering to help it fill up some space!

    Mother's Day Card Pencil Draft
    A white pencil is a must for making a card like this one! A regular (graphite) pencil will do in a pinch, but your draft will be difficult to see.

    2. Draw Over Your Draft

    Now, load gold watercolor onto your Nikko G nib (learn how here). Use the watercolor to trace over the branch pencil draft.

    Drawing a Filigree Leaf DIY Mother's Day Card
    We’re just focusing on the branch for now! We’ll tackle the lettering later.

    3. Fill In the Gold Filigree Leaves

    (For comprehensive instructions over how to complete this step, see the Stunning + Simple Filigree Illustrated Leaf Tutorial.) Now, use your pen and the gold watercolor to draw wavy gold masses on the edges of leaves. These masses indicate folds.

    Making Illustrated Gold Filigree Leaves

    Next, draw bold veins on the leaves. Then, fill them in with shaky, upside-down “Y” shapes.

    Making Gold Filigree Leaves
    It’s easiest to understand this step if you watch the video tutorial!

    Finish up by filling in the leaves with tiny, dainty circles.

    Making Gold Filigree Leaves
    Exert gentle pressure on your pen to make these circles delicate.

    4. Add Lettering to Your DIY Mother’s Day Card

    Now, trace over your lettering. (I usually trace over the letters first, then I tackle the flourishes.)

    Adding Lettering to a DIY Mother's Day Card

    Once you’ve traced over your lettering and the watercolor has dried (~5 minutes), use a black eraser to get rid of your pencil lines. Then, send this off to your favorite mom(s) with a nice message inside!

    DIY Mother's Day Card Tutorial: Fabulous Filigree Leaves
    A white Gellyroll pen is perfect for writing a message on the inside of this card.

    A Mother’s Day Gift

    While I chose to use Arabic gold watercolor for this card, it would look good in any gold tone … or silver! That’s why it’s nice to have the Finetec Golds palette on hand when making a project like this one. (And remember: these filigree leaves can be used to enhance a variety of projects, like mail art.) Through this Friday, May 6th, you’ll receive a free straight pen when you purchase a Finetec Golds palette. Add the palette to your cart, and the straight pen will automatically appear there. (Nibs need to be purchased separately — I recommend getting a Nikko G.)

    Happy Mother's Day 2022!

    I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial (and the accompanying Mother’s Day gift). Happy Mother’s Day 2022!


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