• FREE Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet

    While math and measuring can come in handy for pointed pen calligraphy, a lot of calligraphy success boils down to “eyeballing it”. Today’s free Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet challenges you to work on your pointed pen spacing with a series of focused exercises. Set aside 10-20 minutes, put on some good music, and enjoy…

    FREE Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable

    Calligraphy is all about spacing, which can be frustrating because there’s no set spacing formula. Sometimes, you’ll get done with a piece only to realize that there’s something “off” about how the letters are spaced … they might be too squished in one place and too wide in another. Spacing is something that only improves with practice, and today’s free Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet helps to provide that practice in a fun and challenging way.

    About the Free Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet

    The Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet features six simple drills. Each drill has dots that you’ll use as guides in order to create repetitive strokes. To fill out the worksheet, you’ll first trace over the dotted example, then you’ll continue on your own to fill out the rest of the line.

    Calligraphy Dot Drills
    Each drill line has a dotted example for you to trace over first.

    You should take this dot drills worksheet at your own pace and with your preferred dip pen and ink. (I used a Brause EF66 nib in an oblique pen + iron gall ink.) The only “must” here is to print the worksheet on high-quality, pointed pen-friendly paper. 32# HP Premium Laserjet is an excellent choice! Remember: you don’t have to use laserjet paper in a laserjet printer. It will work just as well in a home inkjet printer.

    Free Calligraphy Dot Drills Printable Worksheet

    As you write your drills, try to focus on consistent spacing. Perfection will be impossible here, but try to achieve neat, clean-looking results. This worksheet will be most helpful if you fill it out a few times! Once you’re comfortable making these drills and are ready to level up, the Calligraphy Spacing Cross Drills Worksheet provides an additional helpful challenge.


    How to Use This Worksheet: A Quick Video Tutorial

    I’ll be the first to admit that the dots on this worksheet look daunting. I promise, though: they’re not! Here’s a quick video tutorial to show you how to tackle the calligraphy dot drills:

    Note that the video has been accelerated. In “real life”, it took me 10 minutes to fill out the worksheet. If it takes you more time, excellent! Less time is fine, too, as long as you’re writing with intention and consistency. Go at your own pace!

    Other Resources

    Today’s dot calligraphy drills maintain a sharp focus on spacing, so they’re an excellent addition to your calligraphy practice library! After you familiarize yourself with dot drills, try taking on other, more complicated calligraphy drills. I’m particularly partial to the worksheets in the Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills collection!

    Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills: Under the Sea Edition | The Postman's Knock
    This is a page from the Under the Sea calligraphy drills worksheet packet.

    Spend a couple of days doing calligraphy drills, and you’ll see the results of your efforts next time you create a calligraphy-focused project. Your spacing will likely look more natural, and your strokes will have better contrast. If you’re not ready to take on a whole drills worksheet packet, there are plenty of free drills here and there on the site. Browse them here! (Need more reasons to embrace drills? Find them in this article.)

    I hope that you enjoy today’s worksheet! Who knows … it just may be the beginning of a calligraphy drills rabbit hole. Have a lovely time filling them out, preferably with your favorite hot beverage at hand and good music playing in the background!


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