• How to Make a Beautiful Envelope: A Guest Post

    I am proud to have teamed up with More Love Letters to write a guest post for their blog! You can visit More Love Letters to find eight simple TPK tips for making a beautiful envelope. I’ve also got a weekend challenge for you, which you can find at the end of this blog post!

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    I stumbled across More Love Letters (MLL) in 2015, and I immediately fell in love with the concept! The idea behind MLL is to connect people who can give encouragement with people who need encouragement. It doesn’t hurt that the kind words arrive via snail mail, which I’m all about!

    More Love Letters Envelope
    This is the first More Love Letters envelope I ever sent. It started life as a Trader Joe’s bag! (Aren’t handmade envelopes fun?)

    Basically, MLL puts out Letter Requests every month. The requests come from people all over the world who want to give their loved ones an emotional boost. Many of the requests are heart-breaking, but it’s empowering to know that our kind words can help to bring some sunlight into the situation.

    My Guest Post: How to Make a Beautiful Envelope

    I recently collaborated with MLL to write an article for their site. The article is called How to Make a Beautiful Envelope, and it showcases eight tips for making a lovely snail mail presentation for MLL recipients!

    Floral Illustrated Lace Motif
    One of my tips for making a beautiful envelope? Add some embellishment, like this illustrated lace!

    My hope is that the article will introduce more people to the idea of making artistic envelopes. For readers of the TPK blog, it may seem obvious that you can make and send envelopes that are little pieces of art! However, I often find that when I post mail art on Instagram, people who aren’t familiar with TPK ask if the post office will actually deliver it. (The answer is yes!)

    How to Send More Love Letters

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    Sending a letter to a MLL recipient couldn’t be more simple. First, take a look at the Letter Requests. Choose the request(s) that you connect most with, and write a letter or make a card for that recipient. Cool motifs to include on the card would include illustrated flowers or illuminated letters!

    More Love Letters Envelope
    This Kaitlin Style envelope came together quickly because I didn’t use pencil guidelines. Its calm personality comes from the white and blue color scheme!

    Once you’ve written your letter, make an envelope using the address in your chosen letter request! This part is where my tips will come in. To clarify, I think that any contribution to a MLL request is amazing. However, there’s something special about getting to open an envelope that took time, effort, and artistry!

    Weekend Challenge

    This weekend, I challenge you to make a MLL envelope. Post your envelope on Instagram using the hashtag #TPKMLL so we can see what you came up with! I am participating in this challenge, too, and will share what I made on Sunday morning (@thepostmansknock).

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    This would be a great card to send! Believe it or not, it’s a printable.

    Remember, there are tons of greeting card and mail art tutorials here on TPK if you’re in need of inspiration. Let’s have fun spreading kindness this weekend and getting to exercise our creativity!

    Thanks so much for reading! I’m so excited to see what those who choose to participate in the challenge come up with!


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