• Free Printable Hand Lettering Exemplar: “Morgan Style”

    Today’s article contains a wonderful little freebie: a printable hand lettering exemplar! You’ll love the clean, minimalistic look of Morgan Style lettering.

    Free Dip Pen Hand-Lettering Exemplar: "Morgan Style"

    Sometimes, calligraphy needs a simple block lettering style to give it some nice contrast. “Morgan” lettering is that style! Its all-lowercase characters give it a casual look that’s perfect for pairing with any style of calligraphy. Today, I’ve got a free printable hand lettering exemplar to show you how to create it plus tips for successful Morgan Style lettering creation.

    Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    The Amy Style calligraphy name on this envelope pairs well with the Morgan Style lettering used to write the address.

    The Morgan Style Dip Pen Hand Lettering Exemplar

    You can find the Morgan Style dip pen hand lettering exemplar by clicking here! It’s a free one-page exemplar that will show you how to write every letter of the alphabet. Note that this style is all-lowercase. As always, feel free to modify letterforms that you’re not in love with.

    Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    This one-page exemplar, like the lettering style it showcases, is clean and uncomplicated. It has examples of all 26 letters of the alphabet plus numbers, a “letter formations” section, and writing tips.


    How to Create Morgan Style Lettering

    This all-lowercase style is super simple to create. You can use any pen to form your letters, but my pick is a straight dip pen fitted with a Nikko G nib. The Nikko G has a nice flex that allows you to create thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes. As far as ink goes, anything works!

    Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    The Nikko G nib is great for creating this lettering style. It will give your strokes just the right amount of contrast!

    To achieve a nice stroke variation, apply pressure as you pull your pen down, then let up on pressure as you push the pen up. Besides allowing for a nice stroke variation, hand-lettering with a dip pen allows more room for error. If, for example, you’ve got a bit of a shaky hand, it will be a lot less obvious if you letter with a dip pen versus a fine-tipped regular pen.

    Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    I used sumi ink to create the characters featured on this exemplar.

    When I create Morgan Style hand-lettering, I generally draw horizontal pencil guidelines (one top guideline, one bottom guideline) to denote where the tops and bottoms of letters should go. Using guidelines facilitates orderly and consistent letters.

    Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    It’s a good idea to use horizontal pencil guidelines when you create this lettering style.

    When to Use Morgan Style Lettering

    I like to use Morgan Style lettering to lighten the mood of my projects. This lettering style is creative and approachable, so it keeps things from looking too formal!

    Hand-Drawn Tiles Envelope Art | The Postman's Knock
    The hand-drawn tiles and the Janet Style calligraphy on this envelope give the piece a formal look. Morgan Style lettering and playful postage stamps help to give the piece some casual balance.

    It’s also nice to use this style when you’re short on time. Calligraphy, with its size and loops, can take a while to write! So, try just writing the first line of an address in calligraphy. Then, write the rest of the address using Morgan Style lettering.

    5 Unique Ways to Address an Envelope
    The name on this envelope was written using Kaitlin Style calligraphy. I used Morgan Style lettering to write the address. (To justify the lettering to the right, write the words backwards. So, instead of writing “germany”, start on the right, and write the word in this order to the left: “ynamreg”.)

    For a nice, no-frills envelope design, you can draw a George Style monogram with centered Morgan Style lettering underneath.

    Lettered Handmade Birthday Card Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    It’s okay if you need to add an element like a star or a square in order to center the lettering!

    I hope that you enjoy this free printable hand lettering exemplar. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments! As always, thanks so much for reading TPK; I appreciate that you are here. Happy lettering!


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