• Pretty Calligraphy Envelopes From This Week

    Today, I’ve prepared a little calligraphy show and tell for you. I hope that the photos in today’s article inspire you to take some time to whip up a couple of pretty envelopes yourself!

    Pretty Envelopes From This Week
    This week, I made these pretty calligraphy envelopes — mainly for fun and relaxation.

    For many people, this time of year is hectic on several levels! You’re trying to finish up the year-end stuff for school and work, send holiday cards, buy gifts, and plan travels and gatherings. It’s a lot. In our house, this holiday season is even more frenetic than usual because we’ve got a baby who gets into everything. (Turn your back for one second, and she’s stuffed the most dangerous thing she can find into her mouth!) I’ve barely had a spare moment to relax, which is why I set aside three hours this week to just zone out and create pretty calligraphy. Today, I’m sharing the envelopes I made as a casual show and tell.

    1. Bluebird Envelope

    I actually started making this envelope last month! It was one of those things that I meant to finish in one session, and I began by drawing the bluebird (using the Crosshatched Bluebird as a model). Then, life happened, and the envelope sat on my desk, conspicuously devoid of an address, for weeks.

    Bluebird Envelope Art
    See this article for successful mail art delivery tips.

    Yesterday, I finally added a Janet style address using iron gall ink. I tucked a flourished ornament holiday card into the envelope, then I finished the envelope up with a wax seal.

    Wax Seal on the Back of an Envelope
    This “Thank You” gold wax seal set is new in the Supplies Shop! You can snag one here.

    2. Red + White Envelope

    I love white ink on a red envelope, which is why I opted to use Bleed Proof White ink on this beauty. I didn’t have time to make calligraphy guidelines, so I used Cocktail Casual calligraphy to avoid having to go to any fuss.

    Red Envelope Calligraphy
    Notice that all three of the postage stamps on this envelope feature a vibrant red tone somewhere. For tips on making effective postage stamp collages, see this article.

    When I send domestic envelopes, I’ll often opt to write my address in small letters on the back. That way, my address doesn’t detract from the recipient’s address on the front. This return address placement goes against USPS protocol, but I’ve never had a problem writing my address on the back. A significant handful of readers have experienced issues related to not writing their return address on the front, however.

    Return address on USPS Mail
    If you live in the USA and you choose to write your return address on the back of an envelope, know that you’re going against protocol.

    3. Feminine Pink Envelope

    This week, I needed to make two envelopes for gift certificates. I made McKenzie’s envelope calligraphy using iron gall ink and a flourished calligraphy style that I came up with on the fly. The envelope itself is “Blush” from Indian Cotton Paper Co. It’s incredibly luxe and pretty!

    Gift Envelope
    If you love the ample flourishes on this envelope, consider taking TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course. In it, I’ll show you how to make natural-looking flourishes and whip up your own calligraphy styles.

    It can be tough to write one name on an envelope versus an entire address. There’s something about having less words to work with that feels intimidating! If you’d like tips on making lovely one-name envelopes, check out this tutorial.

    Envelope Calligraphy

    4. Chic Gray Envelope

    Next up was another gift certificate envelope. Just like in the How to Make the Perfect Name-Only Envelope for a Card tutorial, I hugged the contours of the “Zona” calligraphy with white ink to fill up space and make the name look a little more polished.

    Zona's gift certificate envelope
    This envelope was actually handmade from gray drawing paper! You can make an envelope out of virtually any paper that appeals to you.

    5. Quick and Casual Envelope

    As my calligraphy time came to a close, I needed to whip up one more envelope quickly. So, I grabbed a pale cornflower-colored envelope, then I used Kaitlin Style calligraphy and iron gall ink to write the recipient’s address.

    Casual envelope calligraphy
    Iron gall ink is a favorite of mine when I’m pressed for time. It stays on the nib a long time and dries quickly on the paper!

    Then, I added a few postage stamps to infuse some personality into the envelope. The calligraphy isn’t anything fancy, but it is handwritten and easy on the eyes. When you’ve got two small kids running around, sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back for achieving that! 🙂

    I hope that you enjoyed today’s little showcase. It felt good to calligraph these envelopes and know that I’m spreading some cheer to my recipients by doing so. If you find yourself with a few spare minutes this weekend, consider making some envelope calligraphy yourself. It’s a good way to relax while making something useful, which is always a good thing during this whirlwind of a season!

    Thanks so much for reading, and happy holidays!


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