Printable Goal List and Tricks for Making Good Goals

A good trick to reaching your goals is keeping your goal list visible. I’ve made this easy with a lovely printable goal list, which I hand-painted using an ombre watercolor technique. Enjoy!

Printable Goal List | The Postman's Knock

After four weeks of being firmly planted in 2014, I finally created my 2014 goal list. Why the wait? Well, you have to be in a certain state of mind to make a goal list. For me, that state of mind is a clean, take-on-the-world type feeling. That feeling, plus a little bit of free time {never a bad thing}, finally presented itself to me today.

I love goal lists because they allow you to start over with a blank canvas. Your goal list is essentially a road map to being the person you want to be — and I happen to like to break that ultimate goal down into annual chunks. With this printable goal list, though, you can break down your goals however you’d like — by weeks, months, years, or decades. I’m all for whatever works for you!

Printable Goal List | The Postman's Knock

You can either make goals alone, with a friend, or with your significant other. When I first began writing goals as a teenager, I always created goals with my {very motivated} friend Elaine. We promised ourselves to do well on our college entrance exams, try to be optimistic about ourselves and the world in general, and drink more water, among many other things. Having Elaine there helped me to think through my goals via explaining them to her, which forced me to come up with a real plan to achieve them. That’s part of the trick to making good goals: explaining to yourself or to someone else exactly how you are going to reach your goal/s.

Printable Goal List | The Postman's Knock

The other tricks are as follows:

  • Make sure you are writing goals that you actually want to achieve. It is said that Benjamin Franklin never achieved number thirteen {humility} of his thirteen virtues/life goals because humility was something a friend suggested Franklin work on — more about that here. Though being less arrogant sounded good to Franklin in theory, in practice his heart wasn’t in it.
  • Break your goals up into “digestible” pieces. If you want to be President of the United States, you’ll probably need to start by doing well in  your courses. Then you’ll need to go to law school, become a governor, etc. etc. Only after years of goal-setting can you write “Become President of the United States” on your goal list — and that’s after a year or two of writing campaign goals.
  • Think about habits you have that you would really like to break. This can be smoking, saying “like” too much, biting your nails, whatever. If you really want to kick the habit, write it down.
  • Thing about habits you don’t have that you would really like to pick up. Working out/exercising is probably the top contender here. I always try to drink more water, be more patient, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Check in every month to see how you are doing. Check out your goal list and ask yourself what you have done to achieve your goals. You can also arrange to do a mutual check-in with a friend.
  • A good trick to reaching your goals is keeping your goal list visible. Hopefully I’ve helped by providing this aesthetically pleasing printable goal list!

Finally, print out the goal list pictured below — lined or unlined, your choice! — which you can find in my catalog for free.

Printable Goal List | The Postman's Knock{If you want to delve deeper into your goal-making, check out my printable life planning systems, which offer a goal generator worksheet and a goal development worksheet.}

I love my goal list sessions, and I hope you get a similar cathartic feeling from creating your goals! By the end of this year, I will be:

  • Speaking Spanish at native proficiency — I plan to achieve this by reading more books in Spanish and talking to Hernán’s parents more.
  • A true fan of Lord of the Rings … because I will have read all the books. {I just watched all the movies and I’m hooked. I think this may have something to do with Orlando Bloom as Legolas.}
  • A better, more reliable blogger: I’m going to blog twice a week, once on Wednesdays and once on Saturdays. Hold me to it!
  • A more organized person. Right now, my studio is a mess. I know that I need to clean as I make messes rather than designate entire days to cleaning up the black hole I have created.

No matter what you want to accomplish this year, I hope this printable goal list helps to remind you to keep trying to achieve it! Thanks very much for reading!


  1. Dixie says

    Goals. I have so many! This seems a good way to face them and perhaps accomplish the tasks. Thanks for yet another inspiration. And now on to my next goal!

    • says

      You could make a goal to make orange roughy next time we visit. 😉 I keep trying to make it, but I never make it as well as you do — it falls apart and doesn’t taste like “what Grandma used to make”.

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