• The Ultimate Girl Power Printable Worksheet

    This week, I’m using Women’s History Month as an excuse to celebrate the amazing women in my life. To do that, I designed a printable worksheet with three simple prompts. I’m passing that worksheet along to you so you can spread joy to the women who are important to you, too!

    The Ultimate Girl Power Printable Worksheet
    You can download this Women’s History Appreciation worksheet here.

    March is Women’s History Month, which we commemorated last week with a collection of interviews. This week, I want to celebrate the amazing women in my life with a simple worksheet. This is my favorite “just for fun” printable on the TPK website so far! Once I started filling the worksheet out, I couldn’t stop filling out copies to send to treasured female family members and friends.

    The Ultimate Girl Power Printable Worksheet
    I filled out eight of these worksheets this morning … it’s hard to stop once you get started! It feels so good to get to say things I might not have the opportunity to say otherwise.


    About This Worksheet

    The idea behind the Women’s History Appreciation Worksheet is to lift up the women who are important to you. In the course of an average conversation with the females who you love, you probably wouldn’t casually mention the reason you admire them or your favorite memory. This worksheet helps you to spell those things out to show your friends and family how much you care for them.

    Women’s History Month is the perfect excuse to show some love to the women in your life.

    Why I Love This Worksheet

    Relationships are super important to me, but I often feel that I lack the time (or the platform) to properly express my feelings. For me, this worksheet provided an easy way to let my friends and family know how I feel! Each worksheet only took me about ten minutes to fill out, and I truly enjoyed doing it. I especially loved filling out the”favorite memory” section. It was cathartic to get to revisit happy memories of my favorite people.

    The Ultimate Girl Power Printable Worksheet
    If you want to brush up on your handwriting before filling out the worksheet, check out this article.

    Sending This Worksheet On Its Way

    With a toddler hanging around, speed is the name of the game when it comes to sending out my worksheets. I’m using Kaitlin Style calligraphy with a left justification on all of my envelopes. Kaitlin Style doesn’t require any pencil guidelines, which makes for quick writing!

    The sweet little fox is from The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource, and the ink is Grass Green. For information on where to get postage stamps, see this article.

    I used #10 envelopes, which are the same width as US letter paper, to send out my completed worksheets. You can use any envelope size that appeals to you, but I like that the worksheet tucks neatly into a #10.

    I got my envelopes from Cards and Pockets. I like their envelopes because they come in several colors and are calligraphy-friendly!

    My best tip for filling out this worksheet is to start by filling it out for one woman who means a lot to you. It might be tough to think of things to write at first, but you’ll get into a flow that feels really good! I strongly suspect that, like me, you’ll end up printing off several copies. Enjoy the worksheet, and Happy Women’s History Month!


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