• Valentine’s Gift Ideas from Etsy

    Etsy is the perfect place to look for Valentine’s gift ideas — check out a few wonderful gifts in this blog post!

    Saturday Activities | The Postman's Knock

    Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend as much as we are. We were lucky enough to spend the past couple of days with Etkie founder Sydney, who came to Colorado to brainstorm about business and enjoy Boulder while she was at it. This morning was her last day here, so we went to Whole Foods to enjoy some coffee this morning.  Nevertheless, I’m afraid I was a bit of a bad host and was dabbling in TPK business during Sydney’s visit — I put together a wedding sample goodie packet for Taylor and Katie of Ever Something Event Styling {top right} and worked on fulfilling a few small orders. In the meantime, Valentine’s Day was on my mind. Hernán not-so-subtly sent me a link to Buzzfeed: “How to Cook the Perfect Steak for Your Valentine.” I stopped reading as soon as I got to the part about putting a plastic sack over your fire alarm {call me crazy}.

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | The Postman's Knock

    I love holidays — Valentine’s Day, birthdays {yep, they count!}, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Each of these days is a wonderful opportunity to show that you care and to create something cool. However, chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate and maybe need to let someone else do a little bit of legwork. That’s where Etsy comes in. I’m a big fan of buying on Etsy because it’s a wonderful platform for entrepreneurs like myself. It just makes me feel good to buy from Etsy sellers! So — I’ve compiled a collection of gifts for you that hopefully come in handy as you buy your last-minute Valentine’s gifts.

    Remember as you browse through this list that Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love: whether that’s love for your spouse, love for your family, or a healthy appreciation of love for yourself. So, if you’re not buying for a spouse this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to send a little bit of love to those who are close to you, or at the very least be sure and treat yourself. You deserve it.

    Let’s start with gifts that would work well for men {from lowest price to highest price}:

    1. Man Balm by Meadow Creek Boutique: $3.00

    Man Balm | The Postman's Knock

    This lip balm is handmade in Alaska; you don’t get much more manly than that. I know Hernán is partial to my flavored lip balms with feminine packaging {and proud of it}, but my brothers, for instance, wouldn’t be caught dead with the girly stuff. This is unscented, so would also be great for guys who have allergies or are sensitive to lip balm flavors. Shipping: $2.00 US, $9.00 everywhere else. Find it here.

    2. The “Mandle” Soy Man Candle by Bear Mountain Carpentry Co.: $18.00

    The Mandle | The Postman's Knock

    The “Mandle” soy wax candle is available in a number of scents that are great for a bachelor pad, a guy’s room, or a “man cave”. I’m not saying you can’t let the lovely scent of a “Mandle” perfume the whole house — go for it! My college roommate, Sarah, loved to burn candles with a nice cedar-type smell. Scent aside, check out the packaging on this baby: well done, Bear Mountain! Shipping: $8.00 US, $30.00 everywhere else. Find it here.

    3. Railroad Play Mat Shirt by BKY Kid: $22.00

    Railroad Play Mat Shirt | The Postman's Knock

    Too. Cute. If the man you are buying for this Valentine’s Day is a dad or grandpa with small children, I’d buy this in a heartbeat. BKY Kid points out this shirt facilitates a “mini-massage” for dad or grandpa, and fun playtime for the kids. I just think it facilitates adorableness. Shipping: $3.00 US, $11.00 everywhere else. Find it here.

    4. Leather Journal or Sketchbook by Badger and Chirp: $25.00

    Brown Leather Journal | The Postman's Knock

    I know I’ve put this on the “man list”, but as a woman I’d also be thrilled to receive it. This would be a nice Valentine’s gift for men who like writing down notes or keeping a journal … or men who haven’t realized they like keeping a journal yet! Shipping: $4.50 US, $9.95 everywhere else. Find it here.

    5. Shearling Moccasins by Et’s Place: $25.00

    Shearling Moccasins | The Postman's Knock

    … Because who doesn’t like warm slippers? Chances are the person you are purchasing for isn’t a size 11, so you may have to seek these out elsewhere. But let me assure you: everyone likes hanging out in comfy clothes sometimes. If you get the size right, you can’t go wrong with slippers. Shipping: $11.00 US, $14.00 everywhere else. Find them here.

    I’ve also got some good ideas for gifts to give your female Valentine’s sweetheart — here they are, also listed from lowest price to highest price:

    1. Organic Lavender Shea Butter Hand Cream by Från Krämer Organics: $12.00

    Lavender Hand Cream | The Postman's Knock

    Soft hands are great, but soft hands that smell good are even better. Lotion or body butter is a wonderful, treat-yourself type of gift. Shipping: $4.95 US, $9.95 Everywhere else. Find it here.

    2. Silver State Love Necklace by McLaughlin Creations: $29.00

    Cut-Out State Necklace | The Postman's Knock

    This seller offers all the US states in addition to other countries. I have a Brazilian friend who always wore a golden cutout of Brazil around her neck — it was lovely. I’d love to have one of these, either in the shape of Kansas or Colorado. Shipping: $3.00 US, $8.00 everywhere else. Find it here.

    3. Coral Infinity Scarf with Lace by Annika Likes: $30.00

    Lace Infinity Scarf  | The Postman's Knock

    You may remember Anna from her stellar TPK blog post last year over creating watercolor flowers. She’s clearly a woman of many talents because in addition to being a watercolor rockstar, she makes lovely scarves that are fashion-forward and practical. A true Chicago woman, she offers scarves that are lightweight like the one pictured, and also warmer models. Shipping: $2.50 US, $9.00 everywhere else. Find it here.

    4. Button-Down Leg Warmers by Grace & Lace: $34.00

    Button Down Leg Warmers | The Postman's Knock

    Leg warmers have made a comeback in a big way — and thank goodness, because I am a woman who likes to go out wearing many layers when the weather is iffy. I don’t know many women who wouldn’t agree with me: we love having warm legs. I’m sure some of you are able to make gorgeous leg warmers like these, but for those who can’t, go with Grace and Lace for this Valentine’s gift. Shipping: $3.40 US, $9.30 everywhere else. Find them here.

    5. Heart Measuring Spoons by Beehive Kitchenware: $48.00

    Heart Measuring Spoons | The Postman's Knock

    I have these measuring spoons and I love them. They aren’t gender-specific, but on average I think women may appreciate them more than men will. The attention and care put into hand-casting these pewter spoons hopefully will translate into delicious meals from your kitchen … because when don’t measuring spoons come in handy? Shipping: $0.00 US, $14.50 everywhere else. Find them here.

    If you haven’t gotten to gift-buying quite yet, don’t worry! You could order most of these items today and have them by the 14th {though you may want to double-check with the seller}. If you’re not feeling any of these gift ideas, stay tuned for a DIY Valentine post on Wednesday.

    Until next time, thanks again for reading!

    XO, Lindsey | The Postman's Knock