• The Watercolor Illustrated Map eCourse is Here!

    Since we can’t actually go to Paris right now, let’s indulge in artistic wanderlust! In the Watercolor Illustrated Maps 101 eCourse, I’ll show you exactly how to make your own gorgeous map. The course will teach you layout, illustration, and watercolor skills that you can apply to many projects to come!

    The Watercolor Illustrated Map eCourse is Here!
    You can find an eCourse over how to make this illustrated map by clicking here.

    This watercolor illustrated map eCourse is a project that presents a challenge, takes up a sizable chunk of time, and allows you to mentally travel! I never, ever could have imagined that we’d collectively be in a spot where we need all of that. We can’t explore a lot of places in person right now, but we can be adventurous with our paintbrushes!

    How I Got Hooked on Illustrated Maps

    Kaitlin Style calligraphy is the star of this illustrated Save the Date map!
    This “Save the Date” was my favorite map creation until I made the Paris map in the eCourse. I love the color scheme and the whimsical calligraphy!

    In 2013, I got my very first map commission. It was from a bride and groom in Kentucky who wanted to include a map as part of their wedding suite. I fell in love with the idea of giving guests a peek into a couple’s life while reiterating pertinent details about the wedding!

    Black and White Calligraphy Wedding Maps | The Postman's Knock
    This is the first illustrated map that I ever made.

    After that, I went on to make all sorts of illustrated map commissions, mostly for weddings. I received commissions in a steady flow, but I eventually had to stop taking them. I loved making maps, but making a few on a monthly basis simply demanded too much time!

    Watercolor Illustrated Map

    Still: when I create maps, it helps me to connect with a place. Even if I’m making a map for someone else, I love researching my locations! It’s like getting to travel from the comfort of home. There’s also the puzzle component: you’ve got to figure out where to place your map locations, your lettering, and how/if to add color. Making an illustrated map presents a great opportunity to zone out and tap into your creativity — which I think we all need right now!

    Why I Made the Watercolor Illustrated Map eCourse

    Illustrated Map eCourse Preview

    Watercolor illustrated maps are one of my favorite projects to create, and I notice that every map I make is better than the last. Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to make efficient drafts, incorporate fun little details, and make everything visually cohesive.

    And then, there’s the background. That’s the weak point in a lot of illustrated maps! I notice that many artists decide not to add one because it’s so intimidating and can mess up the whole map. However, without a background, a map looks pretty sparse. Other brave souls do attempt to add a background, but it’s flat and takes you out of the experience!

    Paris Map

    With all that in mind, I set out to create an unprecedented video course. Normally, I use video courses to teach you a skill, which you can then use to create any project you want. In this course, though, I teach you how to create a specific project, and you gain lettering, illustration, and watercolor skills as a result. Then, you can go on to use those skills to create your own watercolor illustrated maps and other projects as well!

    About the Course

    You can see the complete course layout — and a list of necessary supplies — in the course description. Basically, though, I’ve filmed a series of videos over the past couple of months that will walk you through how to make a map of Paris, France. We’ll go through all the steps to make the map together, and at the end, you’ll have a gorgeous map of Paris that you made yourself!

    My goal with the course is to give you all the intellectual tools and techniques that you need in order to make any watercolor illustrated map. After you make your Paris map, you should try making another map of a place that you love. Then, you can go on to make your skills however you’d like! Make more maps for pleasure (they’re a great way to fill up a sketchbook), give maps as gifts, or take commissions.

    Illustrated Map eCourse Screenshot

    No matter what you decide to use your skills for, I hope that you love the course. Know that as you’re taking it, I’m always available to answer questions (I respond within 24 hours to Lesson Discussion queries), and I’m rooting for you!

    Thanks very much for reading, and have a wonderful and artistic weekend!

    Take care of yourself,

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