• Write With Glass: Introducing Glass Dip Pens

    TPK’s new glass dip pens are a true pleasure to write with! You can use any ink color, and you’ll find that the pen skates smoothly across the page for several sentences before you have to re-dip. In today’s article, I’ll acquaint you with glass dip pens and provide you with a little tutorial video…

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens

    Glass dip pens are my new obsession. Ever since I received a shipment of these beauties last week, I’ve been using them to write letters, make mail art, and jot down everyday lists! Today, I’m proud to announce their arrival in the TPK Supplies Shop. I’ve got two different designs, and I honestly can’t decide which I like more: the “Unicorn” Glass Dip Pen or the “Red Frost” Glass Dip Pen.

    What are Glass Dip Pens?

    Glass dip pens were developed in Murano, Italy, in the 18th century. Before the invention of fountain pens, they were quite popular in the US. I’m guessing that fountain pens eventually overshadowed them because you don’t have to dip a fountain pen in ink? I’ve never been one to shy away from ink bottles, though, so these pens are right up my alley!

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens
    This is the “Unicorn” glass dip pen! Check out that beautiful neon galaxy inside.

    Glass dip pens are fun to use because they’re a work of art! Each pen boasts a slightly different design due to their handmade nature; and the cool, contoured glass feels good in your hand. As you write, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly you can form letters! In fact, writing with glass dip pens reminds of using a super smooth gel pen.

    How to Use Glass Dip Pens

    Glass dip pens look fancy and, well, intimidating. I assure you, however, that they are very easy to use! You just dip your pen in ink, preferably about halfway up the glass nib, and write like you would with a regular pen. When your ink runs out (i.e. your pen no longer writes), re-dip it in ink. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ll get before you have to re-dip! Once you’ve finished your session or you wish to change ink colors, swish the pen in water and use a cloth to wipe off the moisture.

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens
    I love these pens both for illustration and everyday writing.

    There are a couple of things to note about glass dip pens. First, you should try to use these pens with fairly thin inks, like Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay, iron gall, or walnut. Thicker inks like Bleed Proof White or Ziller might just stick to the nib and refuse to descend (and if they do descend, you’ll experience irregular ink flow). Second, remember that this is not a calligraphy dip pen. The glass tip doesn’t respond to pressure, so your strokes will all be one size. You can see a real-life example of that in the short video below, which will introduce you to these glorious pens:

    More About These Pens

    Are glass pens a can’t-live-without item? Well, not really. I’ll be honest: they fulfill the functions of a regular pen. Their strength lies in the fact that you can easily use whatever ink color you want. It’s also nice to get to experience a different grip; glass pens have a shape that’s fun to hold on to!

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens

    You may wonder how long these will last. The answer is a long time (decades), as long as you treat them with care. Glass dip pens from TPK come in a box, which you can use to store your pen in if you wish!

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens
    The “Red Frost” glass dip pen comes safely packaged in this fun box!

    Eventually, you’ll notice that your pen’s tip has worn down after many sessions of use. To remedy that, just take a piece of fine grit wet/dry sandpaper, moisten it, and gently sand the tip back to its original state!

    Write With Glass: Introducing Venetian Glass Dip Pens

    Finally, don’t fret if you can’t get all of your ink out of the threaded grooves of the nib after every writing session. Just do your best to remove gunk, and the pen will remain useful!

    This article serves as a simple introduction to an equally simple writing instrument. I hope that my written explanation, combined with the video, helps you to decide whether you would enjoy using one of these glass dip pens. As my helper, Geni, texted me after I gave one to her to try at home: “This pen is so cool. People will love it!” I agree wholeheartedly.

    Thanks very much for reading TPK, and have a wonderful weekend!


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