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Envelope Inspiration, The Rocket Scientist, and a Blooper Reel

For those who love mail art, take heart that you can now see all TPK envelope inspiration photos in one place! If you're waiting on a kit, you'll be thrilled to hear that a rocket-scientist-in-training is putting them together. And, finally, we'll end this newsletter with some ridiculousness: a little filming blooper!

Amazing Envelope Inspiration

I try my best to diversify projects, but my favorite thing to make is envelope art -- so, naturally, I create a lot of it! I've been meaning to organize photos of all TPK mail art, and it finally happened the other day when I set aside a few hours to hunt for the pictures!

This envelope was inspired by mail art that I created in 2014. I had forgotten about the motif until I made a Pinterest board!

You can now find photos of (nearly) every TPK envelope ever made on the "TPK Envelopes!" board on Pinterest. Feel free to emulate the ideas there to make your own artistic envelopes. Some of the pins link to tutorials, while other pins will take you to Instagram!

If you're curious about how to choose the best envelopes for calligraphy and/or mail art, check out this article

Welcoming Aiden to TPK

For weeks, Ana and I have been looking for someone to help us compile calligraphy kits and ship out items! As it turns out, help was just around the corner -- literally. Aiden lives a street over from us! He saw our ad on the CU Job Boards and applied. Right after his interview on Thursday, I put him to work embossing nib backing cards! 

Here's Aiden preparing kit components!

Aiden is in his fourth year of studying Aerospace Engineering at CU. So, by a strange fluke, TPK officially employs two artists (Ana, me), and two rocket scientists (Aiden, Hernán). Because ... you know, space and calligraphy are closely related fields! Jokes aside, rest assured that your calligraphy kit will be assembled with the precision that only an engineer can offer. 

Calligraphy kit update: I've closed the kit waitlist at 150 people. Once those 150 people are taken care of this week, I will put more kits up on the site next week!

Finishing Up This Week: The Improve Your Handwriting eCourse

The Improve Your Handwriting eCourse is due to launch on Tuesday, August 27th! I've been filming whenever the house is quiet. I love filming, but I have to admit that sometimes it's difficult to remember what I want to say! I'm editing out plenty of bloopers, and I collected a few of them to share with you in a 45 second clip. Just a little bit of silliness to start off your Monday ... and a reminder that mistakes lie behind every polished project!

YouTube video

I hope that you enjoyed this little update about what's going on here at TPK! I'm thrilled to have Aiden on board, excited to release the Improve Your Handwriting eCourse, and feeling exceptionally organized with my mail art inspiration. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, I'll be glad to hear from you! Thanks so much for reading, and have an amazing week!


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