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Calligraphy Kit Price Change, Gift Wrapping, + A Week of Christmas

Hello and happy Monday! The not-great news? The price of TPK's Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit is increasing from $88 to $95. The good news? The increase won't happen until Wednesday -- and we're offering gift wrapping for kits again this year!

The Story of TPK's Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit: From Concept to Creation
TPK's New Starter Kit

Kit Price Increase

Some of you will remember that the TPK Supplies Shop began in 2019 with only one product in it: a modern calligraphy starter kit. The Shop has slowly blossomed to include other items, but -- in my opinion -- the calligraphy kit is still the belle of the ball. Not only is it gorgeous and inspiring, but it's seriously useful because it was designed to supplement the internet's favorite pointed pen calligraphy course.

Worker Katie With a Calligraphy Kit

For several years now, the kit has been priced at $88. My accountant recently brought to my attention, however, that the cost of the supplies in the kit has risen enough to necessitate a price change. On Wednesday evening, the cost of TPK's modern calligraphy starter kit will increase from $88 to $95.

If you've had your eye on a calligraphy starter kit (or you think a friend or family member would like one), I encourage you to get it before the price increases. I apologize for having to raise the price -- it wasn't an easy decision to make. Thank you so much for understanding!


How to Gift a Kit

This year has been such a whirlwind that I didn't think we'd be able to offer gift wrapping for kits this year. However, I had a meeting with my packagers, and all three have shown me that they can do the gift-wrapping if I can make and calligraph the gift tags.

This kit makes a fabulous gift! Each gift-wrapped kit comes with a hand-calligraphed gift tag featuring a flourished tree on one side and to/from information on the other side.

To keep gift-wrapped order numbers within a manageable range, I am only offering gift-wrapping to TPK subscribers. If you'd like me to send you a beautifully wrapped kit, please purchase the kit (here) along with the Gift-Wrapping Surcharge. Don't forget to email me with to/from information upon placing your order -- [email protected]!

Calligraphy Tree Gift Tags

Tip: To give enrollment in the Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Online Course along with the kit, go ahead and buy the kit + course bundle. I'll take care of including enrollment instructions in the kit for your gift recipient!

Note that we will only be offering gift-wrapping through December 17th.

A Week of Christmas at TPK

This is the third year of TPK's "A Week of Christmas", a fun email series that runs every morning from December 19th through December 25th. In that week, you'll receive one email per day that includes a creativity-boosting surprise.

"It is rare that I open my inbox with anticipation like a child about to get a new present, but that is exactly how “A Week of Christmas” felt. Each and every day I would check my email to see what treat has Lindsey set up for us today.” Stephanie H., Week of Christmas 2022 Subscriber

To learn more about "A Week of Christmas" and to subscribe, click the button below. I'll be thrilled to get to celebrate the holiday with you!


This is a hectic time of year, so don't forget to give yourself some grace. When you need a creative time-out, consider making one of TPK's many holiday tutorials, or just curl up with a sketchbook journal and a warm drink! Thanks so much for reading today's newsletter, and have a lovely week.


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