Painting with Watercolors for Beginners Part II

Painting with Watercolors for Beginners Part II | The Postman's Knock

Note that this is a follow-up post to Painting with Watercolors for Beginners. If you have not yet read the Painting with Watercolors for Beginners post, I would recommend giving it a look before examining this post!

Painting from Life or a Photograph

I almost always paint from a photograph {rather than painting the subject in front of me} because a photograph is constant: the lighting doesn’t change as the sun goes up or down, and you can take your sweet time. Of course, this isn’t the traditional way to do it … but I don’t think Da Vinci would judge me. I like to think that if he would have had access to a camera {or, you know, invented one}, he would have done the same.
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Free Adult Coloring Pages + Why Coloring is Cool

Free Adult Coloring Pages + Why Coloring is Cool | The Postman's Knock

I had no idea that adult coloring was popular until a friend pointed me to this book on Amazon. Baffled, I did some Googling and found many resources for adult coloring pages. This led me to one very important question: “Why am *I*┬ánot an adult colorer?” I knew then that I had to join this creative movement, both as a coloring page maker and a coloring page, er, colorer. I hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of my revelation; I’ve gone a bit crazy with the freebies today!
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Calligraphy Flourishing for Beginners + Free Worksheet

Calligraphy Flourishing for Beginners | The Postman's Knock

The question “Why learn calligraphy when you can just use a calligraphic computer font?” has been asked of me in the past. My answer is twofold: of course, there are small imperfections in hand-written calligraphy that add aesthetic appeal and simply cannot be reproduced by a computer. And then there’s flourishing. Perhaps one of the best aspects of creating your own calligraphy is the ability to add flourishes and embellishments wherever you want to.
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Hand-Painted Tiles Illustration Tutorial

Hand-Painted Tiles Illustration Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

If you follow TPK on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you saw this hand-painted tiles illustration tutorial coming from a mile away. You know how sometimes you just get into phases as far as a certain food you like to eat, a certain activity you like to do, or, in this case, a certain illustration you like to create? Well, I’m in a hand-painted tiles phase, for sure. It all started last week at The Rio, a local Mexican restaurant. I was sort of absently looking around when some ornate tiles caught my eye. Immediately, I thought, “Hey. That would make a really cool illustration.” That was the point of no return.
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Addressing Envelopes for an Event

Addressing Envelopes for an Event | The Postman's Knock

There is one fundamental truth about learning calligraphy. That truth is this: at some time, you will find yourself addressing envelopes for an event. The occasion may be your wedding, a friend or family member’s birthday party, or a random acquaintance’s bat mitzvah. When people find out you can create calligraphy, they’ll want you to help them out for weddings, parties, and more — and I hope you’ll oblige because it’s great practice!
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