Creative Hand-Lettering Tutorials: Part I

Creative Hand Lettering Tutorials Part I  | The Postman's Knock

In a world where computer-generated type dominates, hand-lettering stands out in a beautiful way. If you want someone to notice something, write it out and embellish it! It doesn’t matter if you’re designing on a professional level {business cards, posters, billboards, etc.}, or if your goal is unique mail art. Either way, your lettering will get noticed! Today, I’ve put together three hand-lettering tutorials to inspire you; and more will follow in the next TPK blog post.
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Galaxy Effect Watercolor Art Tutorial {Guest Post by Gaby Friedman}


Artist Gaby Friedman‘s artwork has a beautiful, vibrant quality to it. It’s the kind of art that catches your eye and appeals to your imagination! When I discovered that Gaby was willing to write a tutorial for TPK, I was so glad. Finally — you’ll get a break from my rambling and get to hear from someone else! ;) I couldn’t be happier with the simple but lovely watercolor art tutorial that Gaby provided me with to share with you, and I know you’ll love it, too. It doesn’t hurt that Gaby has included a free 5″x7″ printable version of this galaxy watercolor artwork {link at the end of this post}. So, without further ado, I’ll turn you over to Gaby:
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How to Draw Roses

How to Draw Roses | The Postman's Knock

The weather has been suspiciously nice lately in Colorado, which has me all exited for the summer {and the nice part of spring}. Because summer can never come fast enough for me, I have decided to surround myself with summery roses … of the illustrated sort. If you’re of a similar mindset, or if you just want to learn how to draw roses, then you’re reading the right blog post!
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Eight Modern Calligraphy Myths

Eight Modern Calligraphy Myths | The Postman's Knock

If we’re being completely honest here, I don’t even know if some of these calligraphy myths are actually myths. They’re just misconceptions that I’ve gleaned from readers’ emails. However, it never hurts to address misconceptions! Even if you already know these “truths” are false, it will be handy to keep in mind that some calligraphy learners think this way. That way, you can encourage learners you interact with and help them to break through any barriers they’ve put up for themselves.
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Four Fresh Snail Mail Ideas

Four Fresh Snail Mail Ideas | The Postman's Knock

As I get older, I value money less and time more. I mean, when you’re a little kid, material things mean more than a letter; I absolutely would have taken a Tomagotchi over a heartfelt note any day as a 10-year-old. But now that I’m an adult{-ish}, I realize that letters are the result of someone sitting down and taking the time, creativity, and effort to make me something. And that, to me, is amazing. The feeling that I get when I receive something in the mail is the motivating factor behind my constant search for fresh snail mail ideas; I want my recipients to feel as excited as I do when I’m on the receiving end!
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