More Calligraphy Tips and Musings {Includes Videos + Giveaway}

More Calligraphy Tips and Musings {Includes Videos + Giveaway} | The Postman's Knock

I know I write about calligraphy tips all the time, but a recent conversation with Rodger Mayeda {of Rodger’s Pen Box} inspired me to share even more information with you … with a couple of videos to boot! I really hope you like them because I painted my nails for them — and, trust me, that’s something that doesn’t happen often {they’ll be horribly chipped within the next six hours; I’d bet money on it}. As if my painted nails aren’t exciting enough, there’s another artisan calligraphy pen giveaway afoot! You can enter at the bottom of this blog post.
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Hand-Drawn Arrows Tutorial

Hand-Drawn Arrows Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

Yesterday, I was watching a documentary about the history of the United States. Of course, one of the first scenes depicted British pilgrims looking up, terrified, at Native Americans on a hill in rather intimidating war regalia. While this would have caused most viewers to ponder the complex relationship between the pilgrims and the Native Americans, of course my eye darted to the Natives’ arrows. “Hand-drawn arrows!” I thought, “That’s it! My next tutorial.”
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Botanical Letter Tutorial

Botanical Letter Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

I love botanical letters because they remind me of fairytales I would read as a little girl. Mainly, I remember big, beautiful “O”s beginning the “Once upon a time”; I loved those “O”s as much as the illustrations in the book! While embellished letters may look difficult to create, they’re actually a lot easier than you think — especially with the aid of a printer. Today I am going to show you how to create a letter with a botanical theme. Suggestions for use of your gorgeous design follow at the end of this post.
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Watercolor Calligraphy Tutorial

Watercolor Calligraphy Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

Around this time last year, I wrote a post over watercolor calligraphy, which I had recently discovered. Since then, I have created many a calligraphed envelope using this delightful technique, and I’ve picked up tips and tricks that make watercolor calligraphy easier. This watercolor calligraphy tutorial will help you take your calligraphy to the next level; you’ll just need a couple of supplies to start.
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Hand-Lettering + How to Make a Coat of Arms

Hand-Lettering + How to Make a Family Crest | The Postman's Knock

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to make a coat of arms — and surely the thought has crossed your mind if you’ve ever seen television shows like Game of Thrones — today is your lucky day. Historically, coat of arms were ye logos of olde; that is to say, they identified families and individuals. That identification was helpful if you were all suited up in your knight {or, as they used to pronounce it in Medieval times, “khu-nig-ghit”} gear. Nowadays, family coat of arms are essentially just cool family logos to print on custom stationery, frame in your house, have printed on a shirt for a family reunion … whatever. Oh, and one thing the internet just taught me that you should probably know, too: calling it a “family crest” is a no-no. According to Wikipedia, “The word ‘crest’ is often mistakenly applied to a coat of arms.” Up until today, I was referring to these as “family crests”. Oops!
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