The TPK Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit is the very best kit out there. After years of teaching students — both in person and online — I have a unique understanding of the tools and instructions that ensure your success! That’s why this kit includes:

  • Nikko G nib – the most approachable calligraphy nib for most beginners
  • Brause EF66 nib – a wonderful little nib that will give you dramatic stroke contrast
  • Nib tin – to safely store your nibs
  • Pearly turquoise straight pen with universal insert that will fit most calligraphy nibs
  • Wooden oblique pen with a flange that I hand-adjust to fit the Nikko G nib like a glove
  • “Art water” cup – to store the water that you use to clean nibs throughout writing sessions
  • Tightly woven cleaning cloth to wipe off your nibs throughout and after your writing sessions
  • Yasutomo sumi ink (2 oz.) – A velvety Japanese sumi ink that’s great for any skill level
  • Glass jar with screw-top gold lid (1 oz.) for long-term ink storage
  • 49-page workbook (6″ x 8.5″, 15.24 cm x 21.6 cm) full of information and guided practice (Workbook can be used to take The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course.)

Calligraphy starter kit dimensions are 9.75″ long x 7″ wide x 2.25″ tall (24.75 cm x 18 cm x 5.75 cm).

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Weight 18 oz
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Right-Handed Calligraphy Kit, Right-Handed Calligraphy Kit + Enrollment in Beginner's Course, Left-Handed Calligraphy Kit, Left-Handed Calligraphy Kit + Enrollment in Beginner's Course

70 reviews

  1. Carin Ritter

    I found this course to be easy to follow and a great deal of fun. The lessons are clear and well-paced and Lindsey is a wonderful, no-pressure teacher. I highly recommend it. I also love the kit and have ordered a few more things, too. 🙂

  2. Chris Lee

    If you would like to learn modern calligraphy Lyndsey’s course is highly recommended. I have studied calligraphy with other teachers, Lyndsey has such great tips and her teaching is light and passionate – she has you believing it is possible not only to master this skill but be great at it too! I purchases her pointed pen started kit – it is beautiful and make the practice of calligraphy very special – when I feel confident that I have completed this course I will be progressing to the intermediate course – Thanks Lyndsey – your course is so enjoyable !

  3. Julie K

    Best Christmas gift! I’m having so much fun learning real calligraphy after mimicking everything I see on this site with faux calligraphy. You’re equipped from the start with everything you need, it’s perfect!

  4. Donnell Carlson

    The starter kit is awesome. It has good practice supplies and the items needed if you take the map workshop. I love it.

  5. ldalrymple5

    I love this course because it is so clear and easy to use. I have learned more than in the in person class I took. It is also a great bargain!

  6. bh0456

    In the past I’ve tried calligraphy using dip pens from my local arts/crafts supply store but never had great results. This kit had everything I needed to really up my game and get the results I had hoped for. I’m still learning (the free drill pages really help) and am making progress. Having the right tools (and guidance) is key!

  7. CalligraphyKim

    If you want to try calligraphy and don’t know where to start this kit is perfect! It has everything you need to start your calligraphy journey smoothly. Before I bought this, I was becoming overwhelmed with everything that was needed to start learning calligraphy. This kit made it super easy and I’ve learned so much. Definitely a must-buy!

  8. Peky @ButaCrafts

    Purchased this kit 4 months ago and I love every item in the box. For someone who is totally new to dip pens, I’m glad I bought the beginner course workbook too! Perfect gift for myself 🙂

  9. Linden Mary McGilloway

    TPK’s starter kit coupled with the beginners course is the best way to begin finding your way into and through the world of calligraphy. It has everything you need with no need to to get anything else.

  10. Aliona

    This kit is beautiful and it is all I need as a beginner. I also use it for drawing.

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